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Breast Enhancement London | UK

Before and after - Fat Transfer

breast enhancement LondonA huge amount of women are unhappy with their breasts, whether they’re too large or too small, too saggy or spaced too far apart. Now there is an effective alternative to breast implants; using your own fat that is extracted from areas where you don’t want it, such as hips, thighs and tummy. It’s then injected back into the breasts to increase the size, give them an uplift or simply to improve the quality of the skin and stretch marks. The treatment has been used regularly in breast cancer patients and is now being used in cosmetic medicine to great effect.

Fat Transfer for Breast Enhancement is an exciting procedure using unique technology that allows you to use your own fat tissue and your own naturally occurring regenerative cells to enhance your breasts. This clinically tested procedure enables you to increase your breast size or shape and balance your breasts whilst maintaining a soft and natural look.

Fat is removed using gentle syringe aspiration from the tummy or thigh area. The harvested fat is used as a living tissue graft for volumising and shaping the breasts.


Recommended for:

Those who would like to restore, shape, balance, enhance and enlarge the breasts without implants or those who have had implants in the past but are unhappy with the results and would like a more natural procedure.


You can expect to see a noticeable difference immediately after surgery. The results will look and feel natural. The breasts will age naturally over time and the process can be repeated in later life if required. The breasts settle after 6 weeks but the improvement in the tissues can continue for up to 18 months.

How often:

One treatment with adjustment and balancing after 2 to 4 months if necessary.

Recovery time:

You may have bruising for a week or two and must wear a sports bra for two weeks. Scarring is minimal.





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