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ReCell® is an innovative treatment that enables us to treat many skin imperfections using the patients own cells in a regenerating process to accelerate healing, minimise scarring, and reintroducing pigment to the skin. A small sample of skin (biopsy) is taken from an area close to the skin being treated to ensure the texture and colour are the same.

The sample cells will then be separated to produce a “Spray Solution” that contains all of the skin cells necessary to promote healthy skin growth, including keratinocyte cells that form the basis of healthy skin and melanocyte that produce skin colour (melanin). The cells are processed while the doctor prepares the area to be treated and are then sprayed onto the skin. Once applied, the cells then multiply and spread throughout the skin, resulting in increased healing and restoring normal skin colour to old scars or areas of hyper-pigmentation.


Recomended for

Acne and acne scarring, hyper-pigmentation, burns and all types of scars.



Following the procedure the area treated and the biopsy site will be covered with a dressing that will be removed by your doctor after three to five days. The skin will be red afterwards and there may be some scabs, you will be given advice on after care creams to use.

How often

One treatment

Recovery Time

One week


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