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Hyperpigmentation Cream


Hyperpigmentation is simply when the skin is producing too many cells; this can be caused by trauma to the skin, acne, sunlight, hormones or in some cases it can be genetic. Treatments include Multi Mask Peel, IPL, SmartXide laser.






hyperpigmentation cream

We also recommend the Obagi Nu-Derm System products for hyperpigmentation.

Over the years, your skin has been exposed to a number of environmental stressors, which cause damage that can reach the deepest layers of your skin. Photodamage, caused by the sun’s harmful rays, is the main cause of the fine lines, wrinkles and age spots that you may already see or you will eventually see on your face.

The Nu-Derm System is the prescription-strength skin care system that can actually transform your skin at the cellular level. By addressing the signs of photodamage and restoring the healthy function of your skin cells, this system is clinically proven to result in younger- and healthier-looking skin.