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There's a reason why you don't see the Hollywood starlets suffering with embarrassing skincare blunders on the red carpet - it's called Mesotherapy. Here are 6 common complaints that come through the doors of Harley Street Skin that not many people know can be washed away with a little bit of Meso know-how...

Hands up if you own a Nutribullet...

Well, you certainly aren't the only one. We've all done it.

These 'miracle blenders' sold in their hundreds of thousands, at their peak even pedaling 3,000 units per hour.

That's right.

Hundreds of thousands of people wanted a quick way of getting as much kale, wheatgrass and Spirulina into their systems as humanly possible. Each one of us trying desperately to disguise the fact that, actually...

Spirulina tastes quite a lot like garden foliage.

Drinking Smoothie


Because it is 'good for us'. Because it is 'healthy'.

We come across people everyday with skin concerns that are undoubtedly linked to diet.

Again, why?

Because they find it so difficult to get all of the essential vitamins and antioxidants that they need for optimum skin health into their everyday meals.

Life is just too hectic to work out how exactly to incorporate all of these bizarre foods into a meal - let alone an edible one, so to make life that little bit easier - they blend.

But what if there were another way?

A way of obtaining all of those essential components and nourishing your body directly from the inside out - not the outside in...

A way that allows you to finally put down the kale…

Ace Ventura

Typically, 'Mesotherapy' isn't a term you are likely to hear thrown around too much if you're not in the beauty industry.

It isn't a treatment as well known as the average chemical peel or dermal filler, but it is actually far more prevalent than people think.

...It just happens a little more behind the scenes, or 'beneath the surface' if you will.

Mesotherapy, in fact, is responsible for some of the most famous glows in Hollywood, with people such as Jennifer Aniston, Cara Delevingne, Katy Perry and Rihanna all indulging in regular vitamin infusions.



Good question.

Mesotherapy is a method of delivering a cocktail of various vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes to the body.

Depending on your skin concerns, this may either be administered via an injection or a series of superficial micro-injections.

Typically, here at the clinic, we like to make use of a microneedling device known as the Innopen. The Innopen helps to create small surface wounds that function as little channels for the compound solution to be best absorbed into the dermis.

It also enables the regeneration of cells and fibroblasts responsible for the youthful proteins collagen and elastin by creating controlled injury to the skin's surface.

This is the same method adopted with both Dermaroller (Demonstrated below left) and Innopen (below right).

Dermaroller and Innopen Microneedling

Mesotherapy is seemingly a treatment that has been quite well concealed since the 50's, first developed to manage pain and vascular disorder by a French physician called Dr. Michel Pistor.

However, once it was noted for its intravenous super-smoothie potential, it quickly became a beauty secret of the starlets when getting red-carpet-ready.

This is because Mesotherapy has the ability to treat all kinds of skin issues, helping with everything from hydration to wrinkle reduction.


Premature ageing, amongst many other skin issues, are indications of deficiencies in the blood.

Think of it this way: if the body is not able to source the correct supplies it needs to nourish itself then, understandably, its ability to function is impaired.

Mesotherapy is able to get those chemical responses going again - even ones that may have become sluggish with age.

By depositing nutrients into the body, we are able to make incredible impacts on the internal mechanisms at work, and as a result, improve the look and the feel of the skin.

Just look at what a deficiency in any of these nutrients can do:

If you're not getting enough Vitamin A it can cause skin cells to shed too quickly and excessively dry skin. Vitamin A is crucial for immunity and tissue growth as it helps in the formation of skin, soft tissue... even teeth.

Deficiency in Vitamin C, on the other hand, can halt the collagen production process and even lead to a keratin build-up which manifests in a distinctly rough, bumpy skin texture. Low vitamin C intake has also been linked to higher rates of inflammation and oxidative stress.

If there are not enough Acids present in the blood, this can even lead to skin concerns as vast as water retention and weakened immunity (Low Amino acids), sluggish metabolisms and fat storage (Low Nucleic acid), or itchy and prematurely aged skin (Low Hyaluronic acid).


The million dollar question.

Here are 6 common skin concerns that we hear all too often, and exactly why they should not mess with Meso...

1. "I'm Covered in Cellulite!"

Not a problem.

Mesotherapy has an amazing ability to melt down fat and subsequent cellulite. This is because Meso increases blood circulation in the treated area, removing the clogged fat responsible for the telltale dimpling we all know, and abhor, as 'cellulite'.


2."I've been Diagnosed with Alopecia."

Commonly, hair loss is caused by hormone imbalances in/around the hair follicle, a lack of nutrients, or poor blood flow to the scalp. Whilst Alopecia is a complex condition, Mesotherapy can also drastically help here, too.

This is because it helps to reactivate dormant hair follicles, neutralise hormone imbalances and take down any inflammation that may be infecting or interfering with hair growth. Hello healthy head of hair!

Hair Toss

3. "I Look So Much Older Than I Really Am!"

This complaint is usually characterised by things like dehydration, premature wrinkles, dark circles and pigmentation. At the clinic, we typically find that this is an indication of oxidation damage.

Since a lack of oxygen to the skin hinders the body from flushing out toxins and circulating effectively, it can really accelerate visible ageing. Meso gets to work here, restoring moisture and lipids to the skin for added moisture, brightness and volume.

30 Rock

4. "My Skin is So Drab..."

A dull complexion is often caused by dehydration.

This is because dehydration decreases the amount of blood flow to the skin, leaving you looking pale and unwell. Meso is a hit of instant hydration right where you need it, helping put the flush back into those once rosy cheeks.

It is also able to revive cell function so that the cycle of skin renewal can take place. Guess what shedding all of that dead skin allows you to do? Unveil your natural vitality and radiance - that's what.


5. "I Hate My Angry-Looking Stretch Marks..."

Another very common case we receive.

Stretch marks are caused by the tearing of the dermis, and so Mesotherapy can be used as a means of replenishing this damaged tissue.

Meso sees a drastic improvement to skin tone and texture by targeting injured cells, and encouraging the growth of new, healthy ones in their place!


6. "I Want Rid of My Smoker's Lines, but I'm Not Interested in Filler..."

Smoking drastically reduces oxygen in the blood. (See #3).

This is because cigarettes contain carbon monoxide - a gas 200x faster absorbed than oxygen. Effectively, carbon monoxide displaces oxygen, starving the skin of its much-needed supply.

Mesotherapy infusions combat this by packing the skin with vital nutrients for restoration and collagen production. That means firmer, smoother and more voluptuous lips!


So there you have it...

Another secret from behind the doors of Harley Street Skin.

Of course, Mesotherapy is only recommended alongside a healthy diet - and should not be considered an alternative.

All we're saying is that a little help along the way never hurt anybody.

...But it did make them look fabulous.

Jennifer Aniston