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Get the Harley Street lowdown on the latest celebrity procedures sweeping the circuit. This week, we look at the innovative method that the formiddable Ms Katie Price has chosen for a touch of natural rejuventation...

Katie Price has forged an impressive legacy for herself based on her looks.

From fitness merchandise to clothing lines, the starlet has built her entire empire on the shoulders of looking good.

In spite of all of the proverbial pies that Katie has her fingers in, however, there is often only one thing we typically remember her for. Her love of plastic surgery.

The model-turned-TV-personality is most-definitely known for her bold, statement appearance and having admitted to 16 individual procedures in the last 11 years (including 8 breast augmentations and 8 buttock lift), many of us were rather taken aback to hear that Katie is now championing a much more natural look.

Katie Price Facelift

Having recently hit her landmark 40th birthday, Katie spoke to Good Morning Britain about her latest cosmetic enhancement, explaining to Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid that she is now choosing to reject the tired 'plastic' look in favour of a more natural finish.

Katie has been very open about her pursuit of a more polished, undoctored look - even having her previous breast implants removed and self-proclaimed 'duck-pout' dissolved. Interestingly, though, Katie's quest for 'natural' does not mean rejecting the cosmetic arena altogether - but rather choosing the right kind of procedures to really hone and enhance the face and body, instead of transform it beyond recognition.

Most recently, this has meant that Katie has looked to more subtle and advanced cosmetics to boost her appearance, and we, for one, are very pleased to see Katie showcase to the world just how much can be achieved with natural resources.

Katie Price Good Morning Britain

The ultra-effective facelift in question is no other than the Fat Transfer to Face. This is a procedure which uses the body's own fatty tissue supply and incredible capacity for healing to add volume to the contours of the face by borrowing from another area of the body. In Katie's case, the star explained 'I had filler from my belly fat' - and undoubtedly looks fantastic for it.

Katie Price is only the latest in a string of famous faces to opt for Fat Transfer in place of hyaluronic filler or silicone-based implants. This is because fat adheres to the contours of the face and body in a far superior way with next to no risk of rejection. This allows deposited fat to settle gradually into the most natural position possible, subtly moving with the face as if it were legitimate, God-given volume.

In addition to this, transferred fat also makes use of healing properties within our cells to lift and tighten, effectively performing that of a mini surgical facelift with minimal invasion.


With Fat Transfers, Fat is harvested and prepared in a similar way to when performing Liposuction. Fat is first taken from an appropriate area using a small suction cannula - this makes sure that fat isn't damaged during harvest, and also makes sure the incisions made are minute. This minimises scarring and means that most people are entirely healed by 2 weeks of treatment.

These live fat cells are then injected in tiny increments into the face or body using another very fine cannula, forming layers to create very controlled, natural volume and shape possible where desired.

Fat Transfer Before and After

Effects of Fat Transfers can even be accelerated by using a natural resource known as PRP. PRP is found in the blood and can be drawn from the arm and combined with the harvested fat before reinjection. This provides the area with an additional boost of Collagen, leaving it far firmer and youthful.

Katie Price is just one notable face to be part of the natural-look movement using Fat Transfers. You may be surprised to hear that even some of the world's most curvaceous celebrities have in fact been using this natural enhancement for quite some time.

Everyone from Madonna to Cardi B has owned up to being big fans of the Fat Transfer- even the wildly shapely Kardashian clan have seemingly had a little outside help along the way. But with such transformative results, who can blame them?

We truly salute Katie for bringing these less-invasive alternatives to the attention of the general public. We would have been amongst the first to admit that in 2017, when she publically vowed to stop going under the knife following some complications with a facelift, we took it with a pinch of salt. Now we think she really meant it!

Touché, Katie.

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