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This week, the glorious Sharon Osbourne debuts a brand new look - but is it possible to look as good as Sharon non-invasively? The Harley Street Skin Clinic take a look at some non-surgical alternatives to lifting and tightening...


This week the nation hails queen, Sharon Osbourne, for revealing her latest cosmetic tweak - a brand new surgical facelift. Now 66, Ms Osbourne opened up to U.S. Panel Show, The Talk, about her decision to undergo her fourth facial lift - and how delighted she is with the results. We - for one - applaud Sharon for her frank approach to cosmetics - and even more so for opening the topic up to discussion in a forum as mainstream as CBS.

"It’s so popular now for men and women to get facelifts that there’s very few really good surgeons and there’s so many people wanting it done, odds are you’re going to get a dud,’ asserts Sharon, stressing the importance of heading to a reputable surgeon if you’re looking to follow in her footsteps.Though Sharon, herself, may have taken the invasive route, 'for those who aren’t quite ready to meet the surgical scalpel, there are many less-invasive ways of keeping the facial skin as taut as possible' says Lesley.

From sculpting massage and high-tech gadgets to toning lotions and fractional lasers, Lesley poses 4 pre-emptive strikes for firming up skin which is beginning to lose its elasticity...

Sharon Osbourne Before and After Facelift


'There are 43 muscles in the face and exercise can lift, tone and tighten them,' explains Lesley. 'The aim is to strengthen the muscles in your face to keep the skin appearing firm, and the blood circulating.' She advises that we will need to spend at least five minutes, twice a day, in order to feel the benefits longer term. If you don't believe us, why not ask the folks at the worlds first gym dedicated solely to facial contortion and stretcher-cise.

Lesley suggests starting with a beginner workout such as:

1. Closing your eyes and looking towards your nose. Keeping your eyelids closed, squint for a few seconds and repeat five times.

2. Clenching your teeth and opening your lips whilst gently pulling the corners of your mouth sideways with your index fingers so that your bottom teeth are visible. Repeat five times.

3. Sitting up straight with your mouth closed, tilting your head back so you’re looking at the ceiling. Next, make your lips into a round shape and hold for a count of 20 before relaxing and bringing your head back to its normal position.

With regular practice, everyone should see a marked improvement in facial elasticity over time. 'Whilst it might sound (and look) a little ridiculous,' says Lesley, 'it was actually confirmed by a study at Northwestern University.' People won't be laughing in 10 years time, although, until then - probably best to do it with the door closed...

Taylor Swift Making Faces


Facial massage has been used for thousands of years to boost circulation, and it’s actually a stage that most people neglect in their traditional skincare routines. A good massage eases muscle tension, soothes eye strain, decreases puffiness, improves absorption of product, and can also have a noticeable lifting effect.

Toning and sculpting facial massage should be maintained daily, although if you fancy giving your fingers a rest, 'you could indulge in a professional facial massage here at the clinic,' suggests Lesley. 'Our 'Age Intervention' and 'Signature Khan Facials' are extremely popular for immediately visible anti-ageing.'

Another popular celeb treatment is Lymphatic Drainage Massage - rhythmic strokes which increase the flow of lymph and reduce toxins in the body. This innovative treatment helps to visibly lift and brighten the contours of the face, leaving skin revived, rejuvenated and glowing. Stars such as Hailey Baldwin and Shay Mitchell regularly use this massage technique resulting in a ‘lifted’ look. ‘Your skin is precious and I always recommended talking to a professional before undergoing any sort of treatment, regardless of the intensity’, reminds Lesley.

Facial Massage


Let's face it, we will quite happily invest in apparatus. We'll get all the kit we need to keep the body looking toned - and we've got the yoga mats, dumbbells and skipping ropes sitting in the loft to prove it. When you think about it, neglecting the most visible part of the body seems quite counterintuitive.

If there was a yummy product you could drink that could also improve the appearance of your skin, you would want it, right? Well look no further than goji fruit extract and black tea. These products have been proven to help lift and strengthen the skin - their healing effects are so notorious, they’ve actually been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years!

Soy isoflavones, another ancient Chinese remedy, are also clinically proven to increase collagen and elastin production. If you’re looking for a topical treatment, as opposed to a digestive one, look for creams and serums that offer you an instant firming effect. If you choose the right products, you can train your skin to renew and firm your complexion. Why not try the HSSC Miracle Serum?

Mrs Doubtfire Skincare


Thanks to the creation of treatments such as SmartXide Laser, facial fitness is set to become of the utmost importance. ‘We use SmartXide to boost both the texture and quality of the skin, providing a much more youthful look’, Lesley states. ‘We use fractional dot technology to target key areas of the face and boost collagen production in said area.’

Model, Abbey Clancy, is an avid fan of the skin-rejuvenating effects of SmartXide. 'This treatment helps keep the complexion toned, tight and line free long term.' explains Lesley. 'Alternatively, Fractora, is an amazing collagen-boosting tool' she continues. 'There are just so many non-invasive options! If you're unsure just what might be most impactful on your skin type, why not come and see us for a free consultation?'

If you wish to talk your concerns over with a Harley Street professional, you can do so on London’s most-prestigious medical strip - for free. Call (020) 7436 4441 or click below to book your complimentary consultation with a non-medical practitioner today!