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Love Handle Face Lift In London

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Raise your hand if you're in a love/hate relationship with a pair of Spanx? On the one hand, they're deathly uncomfortable, but on the other, you daren't wear a slinky dress without them.

You're looking into the mirror, grasping onto your flanks thinking 'Why is it that fat always accumulates where you don't need it?' If only the ageing hollows of our cheeks and under eyes could see part of the action. You're now not sure which you disdain more, the wobbly bits around your mid or the relentlessly tired and drawn look on your face...

Now, we have a remedy for both.

The Love Handle Face Lift is a specially-formulated procedure making use of SVF (Stromal Vascular Fraction) to combat the 2 most common sources of cosmetic complaint: facial ageing, and the dreaded love handles. And better yet - do it simultaneously. By repurposing adipose-derived stem cells, and making the most of those pre-existing resources, we can now rejuvenate from top to toe in one swift, regenerative and all-natural procedure.

Lesley Says

“It's really wonderful seeing patients tackle 2 of their biggest insecurities at once. Patients take less time from work, consolidate recovery time and often end up paying significantly less than if they were to address both concerns separately.”

Dr Khan Says

“Stromal Vascular fat cells are, without a doubt, the most effective for facial volume. It is the regenerative element which works like an anti-ageing elixir, repairing the structures that lead to the visible ageing in the first place.”

Love Handle Face Lift Before & Afters

The remarkable difference a Harley Street Skin Clinic treatment can provide

Love Handle Face Lifts, or 'LHFL's', are a far superior form of Fat Transfer due to the use of something we call 'Stromal Vascular Fraction'. Stromal Vascular Fraction is a cellular extract found in adipose tissue (our fatty tissue). It is typically harvested from the abdomen (i.e. our flanks and/or stomachs) and is highly effective at rebuilding dermal architecture, as well as retaining its contour longer term.

As SVF has the ability to structurally restore the depleting matrix of structures that keep our skin buoyant and plump in youth, LHFL's have proven to be ideal for treating both distinct ageing processes 1) photo-ageing (known as extrinsic ageing), and 2) chronological (known as intrinsic ageing). This makes treatment the most straightforward method of achieving both a face that is youthfully voluptuous, and a body that is taut and svelte in one fell swoop.

Love Handle Face Lift After
Love Handle Face Lift Before

For facial rejuvenation, Love Handle Face Lifts are much, much more than simply an alternative to traditional Dermal Filler. This route to volume will, in fact, remain pristine for up to 5 whole years due to SVF's proven track record of volume maintenance. That means, no more bi or tri-annual top-ups!

Love Handle Face Lift After
Love Handle Face Lift Before

While Fat Transfer (without SVF stem cell therapy) is still an extremely popular choice for our patients, SVF-enhanced therapy is rich in the patient's own stem cells and other regenerative materials that can transform skin texture, tone, and vibrancy. It even speeds up recovery time!

Love Handle Face Lift After
Love Handle Face Lift Before

Patients can also rest safe in the knowledge that, with LHFLs, no foreign substances are ever introduced to the body. This means no risk of allergy or reaction - simply the redistribution of your very own tissue, rebuilding those facial structures and restoring them to former glory.

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Love Handle Face Lift FAQs

The answer to some of the most common questions you may have

It's only natural to have questions if you are considering pursuing a treatment for the first time, and at Harley Street Skin, it's important to us that you feel confident and comfortable at every stage of your journey. To help you find the answers you need, here are a few of the more common quibbles that we find our clients frequently ask...

Love Handle Face Lifts work through an advanced process of fat harvest and strategic fat reinjection.

A small amount of fat (between 10 and 20cc/ml) is removed from the flanks (or 'love handles'), purified and finally reinjected to support the original foundations of the face. This allows facial rejuvenation to take place from the inside out.

During the purification process, the fluid becomes exceedingly rich in 'stromal vascular' stem cells. Due to these adipose-derived mesenchymal cells, this emulsified fat functions as much more than just a filler alternative. It is now highly concentrated and when reintroduced to the face, it begins to plump up the skin, all the while stimulating the underlying connective tissue to begin reparation. This has a natural softening effect on the treated skin, building upon the existing structures underneath.

We then may begin to replenish necessary shape and volume to delicate areas such as the tear trough hollows beneath the eye, sides of the mouth, frown lines, crow's feet, cheekbones, jawline and so on - even areas that are often hard to treat with synthetic fillers.

This is the beauty of regenerative therapy enhanced by adipose stromal vascular fraction.

Stromal vascular cells rejuvenate and repair your skin subdermally. Love Handle Face Lift's, in which case, leave the patient with a naturally more voluptuous face which appears brighter, tighter and smoother.

SVP therapy is, in fact, so replenishing that it has been used medically to treat sensitive inflammatory conditions as well as degenerative disease and trauma injury for many years.

The process itself does not introduce any foreign substances to the body, and therefore is loved for its ability to revivify the face without the patient appearing cosmetically tampered with. This is because treatment simply restores all of those depleted resources beneath the skin by dosing them with an abundance of healthy cells. This enables patients to remain looking like a natural beauty longer term. You - just the 'you' from days gone by!

Love Handle Face Lifts with Harley Street Skin begin at £3950, subject to consultation.

Treatment is also available to those who wish to proceed with monthly payment plans. If you would like to look at payment options, please feel free to read up on our finance options or speak to one of the team by calling us on 0207 436 4441.

Love Handle Face Lifts are far less traumatic to the body, with a significantly shorter recovery window, than Surgical Face Lifts. That being said, in actuality, there is only a few years difference between the two when it comes to longevity of results.

LHFL's will continue to support both ageing and sagging skin for up to 5 whole years - with the surgical alternative lasting between 7 and 10.

The LHFL process itself typically takes between 1-2 hours to complete.

It can be performed as an 'outpatient procedure', meaning that patients are allowed to return home that same day for rest and recuperation. This then means incurring no costs for an overnight hospital stay.

Having said this, HSSC is happy to assist with a nurse to stay with you overnight if you wish, as well as helping you find local accommodation after your surgery if necessary. Each patient is different, and we are happy to discuss all possibilities with you in the interest of both your comfort and your safety.

The procedure is typically performed under a combination of local anesthesia and twilight sedation - the former so the patient feels no pain during the harvest and reinjection process, and the latter to make the patient feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible throughout. Necessary anesthesia will be assessed on a patient-to-patient basis and your practitioner will discuss both this and aftercare options with you prior to treatment.

The Love Handle Face Lift is ideal for:

Those in search of a fuss-free, yet powerful means of improving skin quality and facial tightness simultaneously
Those particularly concerned with appearing all-natural and un-interfered with cosmetically
Those struggling with both excess fat around the flanks, and volume loss in the face
Those particularly sensitive to the use of unnatural products and substances
Those nervous about using Dermal Fillers due to allergy or reaction
Those without the time for significant bed rest

Patients that undergo Love Handle Face Lifts should expect to prepare for up to 7 days worth of downtime.

Patients should also be prepared to forego all strenuous exercise for up to 6 weeks to allow the grafted cells to situate themselves. Very gentle exercise (such as walking), on the other hand, is encouraged to help alleviate swelling.

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