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Stem Cell Treatment for Cancer In London

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As we are all aware, Cancer is a devastating diagnosis. For those that sadly face this news, a long road filled with various therapies, appointments, medications and operations is both an extremely frightening and emotional prospect.

In recent years, however, a pioneering form of treatment linked to tumour regression and cellular replenishment has come to light: stem cell therapy. This is possible as stem cells possess powerful characteristics unlike any other cell found in the body. They are hyper-intelligent and can perform many biological functions where necessary, including the ability to self-renew, migrate to a specific point of injury, differentiate and replicate themselves many times.

For treatment, this means accessing an incredible resource to both treat and replenish the body following a cancer diagnosis, and in turn, help build a robust immune system in the face of potential future attack from cancerous cells. This research has been acknowledged by the Harvard Stem Cell Institute, as well as many oncology-focused research organisations worldwide as an exciting progression in the ongoing fight against cancer.

Lesley Says

“There has been very promising progressions in stem cell research for the treatment of cancer. They have even been used to help patients better tolerate and recover from other forms of intense cancer treatment - radiation therapy and chemotherapy for example.”

Dr Khan Says

"Stem cells can also be used in tandem with chemotherapy to allow doctors to administer higher doses of the medicine which combats cancer cells reproduction. Patients can receive healthy, blood-forming stem cells to help restore any damage sustained from therapy itself."

Stem Cell Treatment For Cancer Info

The remarkable difference a Harley Street Skin Clinic treatment can provide

Stem cells have many different roles in human development. They are special in that they can go on to become anything from muscle cells to brain cells and are - by their nature - the most adaptable of our biological resources. Because of this, stem cell's application is revolutionary for cancer care as well as many other conditions characterised by cellular malfunction. At it's most basic, we can note that cancer is a result of gene mutations within a cell that lead to abnormal cell growth. There has been reported success in using stem cells to combat this abnormal growth, facilitate tumour regression and even improve treatment tolerance.

Both cancer cells and stem cells are similar in that they are thought to be capable of infinite proliferation (rapidly increase in number). More specifically, research indictates that stem cells have a limitless ability to generate patient-specific immune cells. This means that they do a phenomenal job at persuading a patient's immune system to fight back against cancerous invasion.

Stem Cell Treatment for Cancer

The potential scope for stem cell treatment in cancer sufferers is very exciting, and its applications are still subject of much ongoing research. At present, they are being assessed as a means of selectively identifying and treating cancer metastases - with modified stem cell treatment already proving succcessful in shrinking metastatic breast tumours in mice and subsequently improving survival rate.

Stem Cell Treatment for Cancer

Human pluripotent stem cells can be recreated from T lymphocytes - a dysfunctional T cell that arises during cancer. During trial, these generated T lymphocytes proved particularly powerful at addressing tumour activity, and had the potential to yield incredible results longterm. In fact, those with leukemia or lymphoma may already be familiar with the prospect of stem cell transplantation.

Stem Cell Treatment for Cancer

We - as a medical community - are hopeful that one day, stem cell science might well go on to become the future of organ replacement for longterm sufferers of organ breakdown, and eradicate the need for complex organ transplantation altogether. Eventually, we hope that cloning new organs from stem cells will become a fully legitimate way of aiding those who have spent months, sometimes years, on donor waiting lists.

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Stem Cell Treatment for Cancer FAQs

The answer to some of the most common questions you may have

It's only natural to have questions if you are considering pursuing a treatment for the first time, and at Harley Street Skin, it's important to us that you feel confident and comfortable at every stage of your journey. To help you find the answers you need, here are a few of the more common quibbles that we find our clients frequently ask...

Stem cells restore blood-forming cells in people who have had them destroyed by chemotherapy or radiation therapy. Blood-forming stem cells are vital as they differentiate into other types of blood cells.

In a stem cell transplant, the patient receives blood-forming cells via injection somewhere in the body. Once they enter the bloodstream, they travel to the bone marrow where they replace cells destroyed by treatment.

In some types of leukemia and in multiple myeloma, stem cells can work against cancer directly.

This is due to an effect dubbed 'graft-versus-tumour' which can occur after allogeneic transplants (from a donor). This occurs when white blood cells from the donor attack cancer cells which remain in the body after strong treatments. This improves the chance of success for treatments.

After high-dose chemotherapy, lymphoma sufferers are given either the autologous (from the self) or allogeneic (donated) stem cells to help bone marrow recover. Not only this, but they can develop into new immune cells that recognise the patient’s lymphoma cells as foreign which can aid in the fight against it.

Stem cell treatment for lymphoma increases the chance of a longer-lasting remission.

Stem cell treatment for cancer comes soon after a high dose of chemo, sometimes along with radiation therapy, to allow the patient to recover from the lost bone marrow stem cells.

The goal is that over time, the transplanted cells will settle and make healthy new blood cells.

No, patients needn't worry as stem cell treatment is not considered painful in the slightest. This is because local anaesthetic is used to ensure there is no pain felt during the injection process.

Quite the contrary, in fact. Stem cells can actually boost a patient’s tolerance to various other treatments for cancer and reduce side effects suffered as a result.

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