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Stem Cell Treatment for Hair Loss In London

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So many people surrender to hair loss despite being very unhappy or self-conscious about it, instead investing their time and energy into methods of disguise. Others may decide to make use of topical creams, simply staving off or slowing down the rate of hair loss short term.

Whether you're currently relying on hair pieces, spray-on hair fibres, supplements - even medications heavy with side-effects - to conceal hair loss, it can feel like a long, unrelenting road.

The good news is that hair loss is no longer a symptom that people have to simply manage; certainly not when the world of cosmetic medicine has uncovered such remarkable routes to rebuilding those hair-producing structures. Sufferers of female and male pattern baldness, receding hairlines, post-partum hair loss and thinning hair - even those who simply do not have sufficient hair for transplantation - are seeing life-changing results by venturing the bio-restorative approach. And you can too.

Let us explain a little about the process...

Lesley Says

“The impact that Stem Cell treatment has on our patient's confidence is so wonderful to witness. Stem Cell treatment is such a breakthrough for those suffering with hair loss - you simply won't believe the results until you see them for yourself. This is the future.”

Dr Khan Says

“Stem Cells can be derived from fat, bone marrow or embryonic stem cells found in the umbilical lining - the stimulation that these cells can encourage is undeniably superior to any kind of topical cream or product on the market for hair loss.”

Stem Cell Treatment For Hair Loss Info

The remarkable difference a Harley Street Skin Clinic treatment can provide

It is important to note that even in controlled, blind studies, stem cell treatment has proven itself to be truly lifechanging for hair loss, showing remarkable improvements to hair count/density and folicle diameter, time and time again. Gone are the days where hair-growth tablets, expensive shampoos and topical lotions were the only glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.

Thanks to a better understanding of this powerful bio-stimulant, there is now simply no need to expend energy on the painstaking application of 'miracle creams' to try and breathe life back into damaged follicles. Instead, you can now begin cultivating a head full of healthy ones!

After Stem Cell Treatment for Hair Loss
Before Stem Cell Treatment for Hair Loss

The basis of Stem Cell treatment for hair loss is about creating a fertile environment for follicle activity to thrive. All hair follicles are either in an active state or a dormant state - hair loss is a result of the latter. Unfortunately, dormant follicles - i.e. ones which can no longer produce healthy hair - cannot be begin regrowth once inactive. That is unless you alter the state of the environment beneath.

After Stem Cell Treatment for Hair Loss
Before Stem Cell Treatment for Hair Loss

Stem Cells have the ability to do just this. Treatment involves harvesting cells from the blood which can revivify scalp function and offer a highly-concentrated dose of stimulation to the area. When injected directly into the scalp, these dormant follicles are reawakened and begin functioning as if new, allowing for healthy hair to begin growing from your problem areas once again.

After Stem Cell Treatment for Hair Loss
Before Stem Cell Treatment for Hair Loss

Treatment also allows for extremely precise, targetted results, filling in those areas most in need of volume. This means that we may begin camouflaging areas of significant loss by encouraging hair growth which blends into the existing. Those seeing receding along the hairline or thinning around the temples, crown, nape of the neck, or localised due to traction alopecia find Stem Cell treatment to be especially effective.

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Stem Cell Treatment for Hair Loss FAQs

The answer to some of the most common questions you may have

It's only natural to have questions if you are considering pursuing a treatment for the first time, and at Harley Street Skin, it's important to us that you feel confident and comfortable at every stage of your journey. To help you find the answers you need, here are a few of the more common quibbles that we find our clients frequently ask...

'Stem Cells' are very special cells that are able to develop into different types of cells around the human body - this makes them exceedingly versatile when it comes to medical and cosmetic treatment. They have the ability to multiply and produce exact replicas of themselves, which means that they can multiply to the capacity needed to repair, replace and rejuvenate damaged tissues.

They also produce growth-factors - known as cytokines and chemokines - which function as messengers that direct a patient's local repair system to move to the damaged tissue, and begin to make reparations. Once there, they are able to instruct the immune system to settle inflammation in that area and, in turn, restore cell functionality.

This is particularly important when it comes to hair follicle activation as many kinds of hair loss can be attributed in part to local inflammation.

All of us possess stem cells, and treatment itself simply involves harvesting these cells (from either fat, bone marrow or the umbilical cord of a nominated donor), propogating them in the lab to increase their numbers, and then readministereing the concentrated sample to the patient's scalp.

Stem Cell Treatment for hair loss effectively encourages localised hair growth. That means it can provide incredible relief to those that suffer with:

  • A gradually receding hairline or 'widow's peak'
  • Androgenic Alopecia - a.k.a. male of female pattern baldness
  • Traction Alopecia - a.k.a. repetitive trauma or force applied to the scalp
  • Genetic loss of hair volume around the temples, crown or nape of the neck
  • Hair loss related to illness such as PCOS or thyroid disorder
  • Patients that have undergone Stem Cell treatment for hair loss are also able to immediately cease the use of powerful medications which may be causing other unpleasant side effects such as dizziness, edema and fatigue. Most importantly, however, we find that treatment allows those that have felt consumed by worries about their waining hairline to finally experience peace, as well as respite from years of proactive - albeit underwhelming - results using other forms of hair loss treatment.

    Up until now, longterm solutions to hair loss have been elusive. However, as the Stem Cell approach makes use of bio-stimulants that work in tandem with your body, and boost cell function from the inside out: Stem Cell-prompted hair growth is permanent. This means that it can provide patients with life-long alleviation from their hair worries.

    There are many possible reasons for hair loss, including: medications, hormonal changes, genetic predisposition, traction. The base reason for this loss, however, is that the scalp has stopped receiving the necessary chemical signals to grow new hair from your existing follicles - this causes the follicle to shrink and eventually close, which then prevents new hair from being able to surface.

    For healthy hair your scalp is in need of many things, including: healthy protein cells, active follicles, blood to carry oxygen and nutrients to the root, growth factors which communicate with the follicle to tell it to keep growing, and finally oils to keep the hair pliable and protected.

    Without all of the above, hair growth will struggle to function at optimum and you will see a visible impact on the scalp's production of hair. Thankfully, Stem cells can keep each and every necessary function working pristinely. The result? Strong, healthy hair long-term.

    Stem Cell treatment for hair loss uses harvested cells from one of 3 areas: fat, bone marrow, or embryonic stem cells found in the umbilical lining.

    Whilst some patients prefer to make use of their own harvested stem cells, embryonic stem cells are an extrememly popular choice as they are far more potent and replicate much faster than adult stem cells. Patients in pursuit of the most dramatic effects - in particular for hair growth and skin rejuvenation - will often opt for this variety of stem cell treatment.

    You may experience some slight tenderness and/or bruising following stem cell treatment to the scalp, although both symptoms should settle within just a few days of treatment. Whilst there is no formal 'recovery period', we do recommend that patients do not travel by airplane for a minimum of 5 days. This will allow the transplanted cells to settle before being subject to cabin pressurisation.

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