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A note to our Patients...

General Medical Refunds

All treatments and procedures are carried out to the highest possible standard, however sometimes outcomes do not meet patients expectations and if you are not entirely happy with your treatment or procedure with us (it's rare, but it does happen!), we emphatically welcome your feedback and comments. However, as with any surgical procedure, there is no guarantee to the outcome, and it is at the patient's own risk that these procedures are undertaken. The Harley Street Skin Clinic do not offer refunds on this basis.


Harley Street Skin Clinic aim for only premium standards of care and customer service before, during and after treatment. If, for any reason, you are unhappy with your experience, we readily welcome your input in the interest of making improvements to our service, and will do our best to rectify them as soon as possible. Should you wish to write to us, you can reach us at:

Harley Street Skin Clinic

48 Harley Street




Email us at [email protected].

Redeemable Consultation Deposits

Bookings with senior practitioners at Harley Street Skin can require a deposit of up to £150 at point of booking. This deposit - with the exception of surgical consults - is entirely redeemable against the cost of treatment, should you choose to go ahead. Patients will be informed of this when booking your initial consultation with a Harley Street Skin patient advisor.

Treatment Courses and/or Prepaid Treatment Costs

Please note that treatment courses are non-transferrable, and must be carried out within 1 year of the original purchase date. Beyond this time, please be aware that treatment credit is no longer valid for redemption. Any/all prepaid courses must be undertaken by the original patient specified at the time of purchase, and may not be gifted or transferred between one patient and another at any given time. Please be aware that this encompasses the transference of fares taken for a particular treatment course to another course of treatment. Harley Street Skin are unable to repurpose credit in this way at any given time.