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Surgical Brow Lifts In London

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If the eyes are the window to the soul, then our brows are the curtains. After all, our brows similarly dress and frame the face, helping to accentuate the eyes beneath. But even the most beautiful of windows can be dulled by ageing drapes. That's when it may be time for some reupholstering.

Surgical Brow Lifts (also known as 'Forehead Lifts') are a fantastic way of attaining a naturally younger aesthetic by lifting the loose skin of the upper face, alleviating heavy brows and skin gathering. This offers an immediate lift to the face as a whole, smoothing out any areas that have been subject to severe sagging. Goodbye droopy, heavy and wrinkly brow. Hello gloriously smooth and youthful forehead.

Lesley Says

“Brow lifts yield some incredible results, but most of our patients love them because they're so subtle. Any scarring is tucked discreetly into the hairline.”

Dr Khan Says

“These lifts can easily be combined with Blepharoplasties or Neck Lifts for a true anti-ageing transformation. These combinations can easily strip 10-15 years from the face.”

Surgical Brow Lift Before & Afters

The remarkable difference a Harley Street Skin Clinic treatment can provide

Many people try to circumvent much of the brow movement which leads to surface wrinkling with Botox injections, however, Botox alone can only fend off increasing skin laxity for so long. This is when Surgical Brow Lifts can work wonders for you, just like they did for many of our other happy patients...

Surgical Brow Lift After
Surgical Brow Lift Before

The forehead is one of the most expressive parts of the face, wrinkling when we're sad, raising up when we're surprised, scrunching when we're irritated and markedly furrowing when we're angry. It is all of this extreme muscle movement which unfortunately mean that our foreheads can really carry our age.

Surgical Brow Lift After
Surgical Brow Lift Before

This very often leads to tell-tale signs of maturity such as the dreaded '11' between the brows, horizontal concertina-like ruching and heavy brows with severe indentations. It can even dramatically age our eyes due to the weight of surplus skin, making them appear relentlessly tired.

Surgical Brow Lift After
Surgical Brow Lift Before

These drooping upper eyelids caused by brow sagging often cannot be best corrected with Blepharoplasty, appearing extremely unnatural when paired with a wrinkly brow. If you're struggling with a generalised surplus of skin on the upper face, the Surgical Brow Lift could well be for you.

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Surgical Brow Lift FAQs

The answer to some of the most common questions you may have

It's only natural to have questions if you are considering pursuing a treatment for the first time, and at Harley Street Skin, it's important to us that you feel confident and comfortable at every stage of your journey. To help you find the answers you need, here are a few of the more common quibbles that we find our clients frequently ask...

Simply put, a Surgical Brow Lift is an operation to lift the lax skin of the brow to a higher position.

There are 3 different brow-lifting methods offered at The Harley Street Skin Clinic, and these are known as the 'Coronal Brow Lift' the 'Endoscopic Brow Lift', and our personal favourite, the 'Internal Brow Lift'.

Coronal Brow Lift: This involves making a cut across the top of the scalp, hidden within your hair. Through the incision, your surgeon will remove excess skin, shorten the muscles that cause frown lines and lifts your eyebrows.

Endoscopic Lift: In essence, this is keyhole surgery which involves inserting a small instrument through tiny cuts in your hairline and reducing the muscles that cause frown lines. This type of Brow Lift normally has the advantage of minimal scarring, however your surgeon will not be able to make quite as many changes as with the Coronal Brow Lift.

Internal Brow Lift: The eyebrow is elevated through an upper eyelid skin crease incision with fantastic cosmetic results and no visible scarring.

Brow Lifts can do away with a number of cosmetic flaws on the upper third portion of the face. Brow Lifts can be performed to:

  • Correct facial asymmetry
  • Eliminate eyelid overhang
  • Soften a harsh or stern face
  • Lessen cheek sagging or prominent eyebags
  • Open up the face and subtly widen the eyes
  • Remove skin gathering on the forehead and brow
  • Help to reposition the eyebrows to suit the face
  • Smooth out the skin for a flawless-looking complexion
  • Offer fantastically natural-looking results for up to 10 years or more

On top of this, Brow Lifts run very few potential risks, and result in practically no visible scarring.

Please note that all of our Brow Lifting options are available on payment plans from as little as 0% interest. If you're interested in hearing more about how we can accommodate your brow budget, please do get in touch with one of our friendly finance team today!


Brow Lifts are permanent, one-off procedures and you can reap a lifetime of benefit from just the one.

It should be noted, however, that ageing is a continued process and while Brow Lifts may do away with all of your current brow issues, they cannot prevent any future sagging or skin laxity.

Brow Lifts typically take between 1-2 hours to complete. Patients can sometimes be treated as day cases, in which case they are able to return home later that same day. On other occasions, more invasive procedures will require an overnight hospital stay.

Some side effects of Brow Lifts include: swelling, bruising; tingling or numbness; minor discomfort, itching and - as a result of certain sedation - tiredness.

Most of these will subside over the course of the first few days, however swelling and bruising may linger for up to 3 weeks before you can see the finished results of your lift.

For a Brow Lift procedure, we recommend that you allow around 7-14 days to recover. This will of course vary depending on your chosen method of lifting, as some methods are more invasive than others and will require general anaesthetic, whereas others can be completed under local or twilight sedation. You may very well feel comfortable resuming normal activities before 7-14 days, we merely recommend that you consider this period still to be 'in recovery'. Doctors will be happy to advise you about personal recovery times for your chosen method at consultation.

Patients generally feel comfortable returning to work after about 10 days of Brow Lifting surgery, although, this can vary if you have opted for a more invasive lifting method. Typically, patients will take between 7 and 14 days from work, to accommodate treatment and recover comfortably.

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