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Transform your facial features with Semi-permanent Makeup

Semi-Permanent Makeup In Our London Based Clinic

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Here at the Harley Street Skin Clinic London, we do Semi-permanent Makeup procedures in an artistic way giving high-quality results. We serve different individuals from around the globe who want to enhance their appearance.

Our Practitioners

The Experts
Cosmetics Practitioners

Our experts can do wonders when it comes to Semi-permanent makeup. They can provide the best outcomes because of their years of experience and training in handling cosmetic tattooing.

Our Results

Happy Client
Refreshed and young

Our clients are really happy with the results of their cosmetic tattoos. Their lips, eyebrows, and eyeliner become more defined after the procedure. No more struggling in applying their makeup every day.

What is a Semi-permanent Makeup?


Explore the Artistry

How can it help individuals?

Semi-permanent makeup, or micropigmentation is medical tattooing that helps individuals enhance the colour and look of their lips and eyebrows. It can be used for your eyeliner or to make an illusion of fuller hairlines as well. It involves the use of special needles and inks. The right pigment to use for you should match your skin, hair, and eyebrows colour.


  • Improves facial attributes
  • Remedy for eyebrow hair loss
  • Shorter time spent on applying makeup
  • Correction of asymmetrical lips or eyebrows

Applications of Semi-permanent Makeup

Eyebrow Tattooing or Microblading

It creates hair-like strokes in the bow area using a microblading pen. It can improve the natural shape of your eyebrow.

Lip Color

It makes your lip color enhanced with the help of a tattoo machine or rotary pen. It contours your lips and makes them fuller.

Eyeliner Tattooing

It involves depositing pigment on your lash line. The color will depend on your preference.

The Semi-permanent Makeup Procedure

What do I need to know?

Semi-permanent makeup at work

How do I choose the right skin specialist to perform the treatment?

Micropigmentation can enhance individual facial appearance. It is a convenient and effective way for those who want to improve their eyebrows, lip color, lip liner, as well as their eyeliner, or for individuals who want to create a fuller illusion of their hairlines. A rotary pen or microblading pen is used to infuse the pigments on your skin. Micropigmentation can also be used to camouflage scars after surgery, including breast surgery.

It is best to choose a well-experienced and certified skin specialist to perform the procedure for you and one who follows strict hygiene practices. Searched for those who have strong portfolios and positive reviews. Harley Street Skin Clinic can provide everything you need and you will experience a smooth treatment process. They can give you the best results in Semi-permanent Makeup. Book an appointment now.

The key steps

What can I expect during the treatment?

Upon arriving, you and your doctor will discuss the process and your expectations. You will choose colors and designs that match your skin colour. A patch test may be needed to determine if you have sensitivity or allergies to the inks or numbing cream. Once everything is okay, your technician will start to apply a topical numbing agent and prepare and sterile the tools that will be used for you. Then, the application of pigment will start. Your doctor will do the layering and building of colors and may adjust gradually to achieve your specific goals.

Is it painful?

You may experience some discomfort during your micropigmentation because it uses a sharp tool. The good thing is that it is less hurtful compared to traditional tattoos. Your skin may need to apply a numbing cream to manage discomfort.

Getting the best results

How do I choose the right color and shape?

It is crucial to choose the right color and shape that suits your physical appearance or your face shape. Your skin professional may need to assess your skin tone or hair color to match your micropigmentation. Your facial attributes and personal goals are also important factors in determining which color and shape is right for you.

Can I get Semi-permanent makeup if I have sensitive skin or allergies?

You need to discuss with your doctor if you have any allergies or if your skin is sensitive before getting a treatment. They can do a patch test to check if your skin will react to pigments or topical numbing cream that they will use.

Results Effectivity

How long does it last?

It will depend on how your skin professionals perform the treatment. Your skin type and your lifestyle are big factors as well. Usually, the pigment lasts for about 2-5 years.

When do I need to get a touch-up?

Touching up your semi-permanent make-up depends on your preference. If you think the pigment is already faded or if it needs some adjustments you may get it anytime. But, the usual recommendation for touch-ups is after 1-2 years of having the micropigmentation.

Pre-treatment things to know

Can I wear makeup?

You can wear traditional makeup like lipstick or eyebrow pencil over the pigments once it is completely healed. Make sure to use gentle products and avoid rubbing the treated area heavily.

Can it be removed if I change my mind?

Like permanent makeup treatments, the pigments used in micropigmentation usually fade over time, but they can not be removed easily just like the makeup we use every day. They can be removed with laser treatments, but it is expensive and can not remove all the pigments in your skin.

Semi-permanent Makeup Prices

Factors Affecting Pricing

How much does it cost?

The price varies based on the area. For example, areas with the highest cost of living tend to have higher prices for Semi-permanent Makeup. Those areas include Mayfair, Knightsbridge, Chelsea, Kensington, and Notting Hill.

On the other hand, Semi-permanent Makeup in those neighbourhoods with lower demands and more competitors may offer a lower price. For some areas like Shoreditch and Hackney in East London, Clapham and Brixton in South London, Camden and Islington in North London, and Fulham and Hammersmith in West London.

Prices in different areas may vary and may range from £200-£600 for eyebrows, £250-£500 for tattoo eyeliner, and £300-£700 for lip colour.

These are only approximations, to know the exact cost, consult your doctor. Book an appointment here.

Our Prices

From £500

Semi-Permanent Makeup Before & Afters

The remarkable difference a Harley Street Skin Clinic treatment can provide

Sometimes we are just dying for an extra 20 minutes in bed. Thanks to the incredible bounds in cosmetology, Semi-Permanent Makeup can liberate you from the time-consuming chore of applying makeup, day in day out, to achieve your desired aesthetic.

Leave that eyebrow pencil, lip liner or concealer tucked away in the drawer, and instead, steal a few more moments in bed by waking up professionally preened every single day.

Semi-Permanent Makeup After
Semi-Permanent Makeup Before

Semi-Permanent Makeup can be applied to many areas of the face and body, in fact, practically any dermal tissue you feel is suffering from a loss of pigment. Over-plucked, or sparse brows? Want to add some subtle definition or shape to the lips? Perhaps you're fed up of eyeliner wearing away just halfway through the day - Semi-Permanent Makeup can help here.

Semi-Permanent Makeup After
Semi-Permanent Makeup Before

It's also an incredibly effective method of disguise. Do you suffer from vitiligo or have a prominent birthmark which is causing distress? Perhaps you are left with an unsightly scar or are conscious of a particularly visible patch of scalp - cosmetic tattooing makes quick and easy work of blending areas which may be catching the eye for all the wrong reasons.

Semi-Permanent Makeup After
Semi-Permanent Makeup Before

Even a mere millimetre of pigment here and there will make all the difference to the arch of the brow, or the arch of the lip. Professional precision can even give you a natural uplift, broaden or slim the face, and visually revive tired eyes. Forget wonky brows, visible scar tissue or reapplying your lipstick throughout the day - that was in the past!

Semi-permanent Makeup Essentials

Before Semi-permanent Makeup

What are the preparations?

  • Consult your doctor to discuss your goals.
  • Avoid sun exposure.
  • Avoid taking blood thinners within 24 hours before the treatment.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • Avoid using exfoliating products.
  • Arrive with a clean face on the day of your schedule.

After Semi-permanent Makeup

What do I need to do after the procedure?

  • Avoid makeup for 72 hours.
  • Avoid sun exposure and use sunscreen.
  • Avoid heavy work or exercise.
  • Do not pick or scratch the treated area while healing.
  • Do not use products with glycolic acid to avoid fading.

After Semi-permanent Makeup

What do I need to do to maintain the results?

  • Avoid exfoliating products.
  • Moisturise the treated area regularly.
  • Use sunscreen.
  • Avoid chemical peels, laser treatments, or microdermabrasion.
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Why Have Semi-permanent Makeup?


Enhancing Facial Features

How does it improve the face?

Some of us are born with thin eyebrows, and some are experiencing hair loss, maybe because of hormonal imbalances, medical conditions, or physical injuries. Some of us are also not lucky to have kissable lips; some are inborn to have dark lips, and some are because of sun exposure or smoking. If you want to enhance your eyebrows and lips, semi-permanent makeup is the best solution for you.

It helps by:

  • Improving eyebrows and lip color
  • Saving time and effort
  • Boosting confidence
  • Makeup looks more natural

Long Term Investment

Having the treatments is cost-effective in the long run. After having this treatment you no longer need to buy or use makeup. Although you can still apply makeup over the pigments, the good thing is that it is economical because there is no need to apply it frequently.

Boost Confidence and Self-esteem

We apply makeup on our faces to make ourselves beautiful and confident. Having micropigmentation can make us more confident and make our lives easier. Traditional makeup requires frequent retouching while the latter does not require time-to-time retouching and some individuals who undergo the treatment prefer not to put on makeup anymore. We feel confident and beautiful even right after waking up.

Recovery Timeline

1-2 Days

Visible swelling and redness

  • Use damp cotton when cleaning the treated area.
  • Apply ointment as advised.

3-7 Days

Flaking and peeling may start. Color may look uneven

  • Continue cleaning and applying ointment on the treated area.
  • Avoid picking the skin and use a daily sunscreen.

8-14 Days

Peeling may start to subside. Color may appear patchy.

  • Moisturise the treated area.
  • Use a gentle cleanser and avoid scrubbing.

3-4 Weeks

The surface of the treated area is mostly healed. The final color may be settled.

  • Continue your skincare regimen.
  • Continue using sunscreen.

1-2 Months

The treated area may now heal in full. The right colour will be visible after the healing process.

  • A touch-up may be needed.
  • Follow the doctor’s advice for long-term results.
Semi-permanent Makeup Benefits


Convenience and Efficiency

Saves Time and Energy

  • Perfect for busy individuals.
  • Stress-free Travel
  • Quick Recovery Time
  • Having good results

    Improves Natural Features and Confidence

    Boost Confidence and Self-Esteem

  • Enhances Natural Features
  • Natural-looking results.
  • Improves facial symmetry.
  • Want more?

    Long Term Benefits

    Customisable to Your Personal Goals

  • Cost-effective in the long run.
  • Long-lasting results
  • Non-invasive
  • Am I suitable

    Is it good for me?

    Any individual who wears makeup, wants their thinning hair brows or hairline to appear fuller, or has an allergy to traditional makeup can be a good candidate for micropigmentation. If you want to improve your features or you want to save time applying makeup, this is the best solution for you.

    Individuals who are pregnant or breastfeeding, have medical or skin conditions, keloidal skin, and have allergies to inks or certain products, are not advisable to have the treatment.

    It is best to consult your doctor to learn more about this treatment.

    What are the Risk

    Can a risk be prevented?

    Potential risks of micropigmentation include:

    • Swelling and redness: Common side effects.
    • Infections: Can occur if not handled properly.
    • Allergic reactions: Possible due to inks or certain products.
    • Keloids: May form on keloidal skin.
    • Uneven pigmentation: Poor results can lead to uneven color.
    • Cold sores: May be triggered by the procedure.
    • Poor results and scarring: Can occur if not done by professionals.

    It is crucial to choose experienced and well-trained professionals to avoid these risks.

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