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We’re a London-based skin clinic and we focus on bringing aqua peel treatment to clients all across the globe from the streets of London.

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Enjoy hydrated, radiant skin through Aqua peel treatment. It leaves you revitalized and with a glowing complexion. No dullness but beauty!

Come with me to my first ever facial treatment. I think everybody, especially the men, should be taking care of themselves 😁

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What is an Aqua peel?

Refresh your skin

Discovering the wonders of aqua peel

What sets Aqua Peel apart in skincare treatments?

Aqua peels or the aquafacial treatment have become very popular because they are delicate, efficient, and work with a variety of skin types. It provides deep cleansing, moisture, and exfoliation, which leaves your skin softer and smoother. Using a water-based gel and suction device, these treatments work fast to cleanse pores while getting rid of blackheads, debris, and hydrating the skin.

Aqua peels eliminate dead skin cells in a gentle way without strong acids, by using water’s natural exfoliating properties along with hydrating hyaluronic acid and organic extracts. This makes it unique as an all-in-one approach that not only exfoliates but also moisturizes the skin. It purifies within a single session resulting in clearer, smoother looking complexion with minimal discomfort and downtime, useful for people who want quick rejuvenation.

Effects of aqua peel:

  • Moisturizes skin deeply
  • Purifies pores
  • Enhances skin texture

Breaking down the differences:
Aqua peel vs Hydrafacial

Aqua peel

A Hydrafacial includes a combined technology of cleansing, extraction, hydration, serum application, lymphatic drainage, and LED light therapy.

Cost: £120 - £240

Result: Enhances skin texture, lessens fine lines and wrinkles, cures spots on the face and neck, highlights the face, and gives a better complexion. It also enhances skin elasticity.

Pain Level: Completely painless

Downtime: No downtime


An Aqua Peel is a mild skin cleanser that ensures that your skin remains free of toxicity, well hydrated and well nourished so that it appears more radiant and healthier.

Cost: £100 - £200

Result: Improves skin appearance, reduces fine lines, treats acne-prone skin, brightens complexion, and improves skin tone.

Pain Level: Completely painless

Downtime: No downtime

At a Glance

Treatment Time
30 - 60 minutes

Hospital Stay
Not required

Time off work
1 hour



Results Last
2 weeks

1 - 3 hours

Sexual Activity

The Aqua Peel Procedure

Multi-faceted approach to customization

What specific device is used in the Aqua Peel procedure?

ZAFFIRO is a new technology that combines hydro-exfoliation with infrared thermo-lifting to give your skin healthy glow and firmness. It uses air or water to give your skin a deeply cleansing treatment. The dead skin cells are gently removed making space for a new glowing appearance.

The therapist can change Aqua Peel options depending on your needs based on your skin conditions. With five formulas to choose from, they can select whichever suits you best. If suffering from skin dehydration, they'll go for HA skin health formula, suffering from acne, or if you feel like brightening up your dull complexion or soothing it down, it can be tailored to achieve a clear and smooth skin.

Active Ingredients

How does Aqua Peel exfoliate the skin?

Enzymes like papain, bromelain, AHAs, and BHAs (like glycolic or salicylic acid) are the active ingredients included in exfoliation products to help dissolve dead cells giving a healthy looking skin.

The solution involves AHAs, BHAs, enzymes that penetrate the skin and break down bonds between dead cells so as to reveal new skin. This is what will leave your epidermis looking gentle and radiant by eliminating any dullness.

Treatment Procedure

What are the steps of Aqua Peel treatment?

An Aqua peel extracts dirt and dead cells gently with suction while leaving the skin clean. Remaining dirt can be dissolved by mild chemicals within pores that have been blocked. After the extraction, the skin will then be applied with serums and masks to be sure that no unwanted dirt is left.

Most procedures take about 5-10 minutes each stage totaling 20-30 minutes of working time, which means this is a quick procedure without interfering with your normal activities.

Extraction Process

How does Aqua Peel extract impurities from the skin?

Through suction, this treatment acts as a gentle vacuum cleaner that effectively removes impurities such as dirt and oil from clogged pores in a non-invasive manner.

Manual extractions involve physically squeezing impurities from pores using hands or tools that may cause redness or irritation. Aqua peel uses suction power providing an alternative non-invasive method than manually extracting pore blockages making the complexion appear brighter & healthier.

Treatment Frequency

How does Aqua Peel ensure hydration during the procedure?

The solution which is applied in exfoliation and extraction has Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Beta Hydroxy Acids that keep your face hydrated. Ensuring that the hydrating ingredients are retained in the skin after the treatment.

The number of aqua peel treatments which should be received depends on the skin’s reaction and the necessary treatment. Spacing the treatments to every two to four weeks is better than attending too many treatment sessions.This can be adjusted by your skincare provider according to your skin type and other treatments.

Aqua Peel Prices

Quality Investment

Superior skin care

How much does a aqua peel cost?

Most UK cities usually have their Aqua peel treatments costing around £80-100, which were introduced from South Korea. However, London’s attractiveness to the very best of aesthetic practitioners does push prices upward. The range can be between £100 and £200 with the very best experts.

Despite the higher cost, London has superior expertise as well as advanced technology that makes it a good investment for radiant skin. While expensive it may seem, this is money well spent on looking good and ensuring optimum results.

Our Prices

From £150

Aqua peel Essentials

Before Surgery

How can someone get ready for aqua peel?

To get ready for an aqua peel, make sure to do a proper consultation with your dermatologist. They’ll tell you what to do depending on your skin. That includes not using some skincare before your session, drinking a lot of water, and whatever advice they give you before and after each treatment.

From Surgery

What products or habits should you avoid after aqua peel treatment?

After an aqua peel, avoid using retinoids on the treated area. You need to give it a few days after the session before you use them again. Exposure from the heat of the sun should be minimized as much as possible, particularly if you want to heal fast without leaving any blemishes or spots. Remember to use your SPF cream whenever you go outside.

From Surgery

How many treatments should you schedule for follow-up sessions?

After your first Aqua Peel, schedule touch-up sessions every four to six weeks to maintain this luminescence of freshly peeled skin, which can be very helpful if you aren’t ready for deeper chemical peels yet. This approach provides consistent rejuvenation without overdoing it to preserve your radiant look.

Why have an Aqua Peel?

Deep Cleansing

Removes Dead Skin Cells

Clearse Excess Oil

  • Rids all dirt through deeply cleaning the face.
  • Cleanse clogged pores to prevent breakouts.
  • Leaves the skin renewed and refreshed.

Hydration Boost

Moisture Infused skin

Plumps Fine Lines

  • It moisturizes and hydrates your skin.
  • Smooth out fine lines, wrinkles, and reveal younger-looking skin.
  • Give your face a dewy glow that reflects light.

Even Skin Tone

Fades Dark Spots

Enhances Radiance

  • It fades dark spots leaving your skin clearer.
  • Harmonizing the complexion by reducing redness.
  • Revealing a fresh smooth face with no blemishes at all.

Before & afters
Hydrafacial After
Hydrafacial Before

Hydrafacial After
Hydrafacial Before

Hydrafacial After
Hydrafacial Before

Recovery Timeline

There is no downtime with aquafacial treatment when it comes to healing. You can return to your normal activities. After the treatment, you’ll have more sensitive skin. Do not forget to apply sunscreen and use gentle skincare products to keep your skin moisturized at all times.

Aqua Peel Benefits

Physical benefits

Improves skin conditions

Reduction of acne and blemishes.

  • Scrub away those dead cells to reveal silky smooth skin.
  • For a toned look, minimize pores.
  • Achieving a plump, dewy effect. 
  • Moisture locked in while lines are reduced.
  • Social impact

    Enhanced social life

    Shared experience

  • Clear skin enhances confidence.
  • You may also get more compliments from people about your good skin.
  • It can improve your self-image by addressing skin concerns.
  • It has no downtime, so it won’t affect your professional/personal life.
  • Psychological well-being

    Increased confidence

    Stress reduction

  • Feel the tension ease as you relax.
  • After a refreshing session, you’ll feel energized and renewed.
  • You’ll feel relaxed and calm by treating yourself.
  • Confidence levels increase due to improved complexion.
  • Am I suitable?

    Pore Refinement

    Clearer Skin

    Who will benefit from this treatment?

    An Aqua peel is suitable for most people regardless of their skin types or color especially if they have enlarged pores, blackheads, acne, or acne scars. This method could also be useful if you suffer from unevenness in tone or texture, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, melasma, fine lines and wrinkles or even stretch marks.

    Aqua Peel Risks

    Skin sensitivity

    Temporary Effects

    What are the possible side effects of aqua peel?

    Normally after an aqua peel, there may be some slight tendering or swelling that goes away after a few hours. Apply your doctor’s recommended gentle moisturizer if your skin feels dry. There is a very small risk of bruising from the suction. This treatment is not recommended for pregnant women or those under 18. Some skin problems, such as herpes, eczema, and open sores, could rule you out. Even a slight fever or inflamed skin due to acne should preclude you from getting the treatment, as should keloid scarring, diabetes, and heart disease. Meet with a skincare professional to go over your skin goals.

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