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Dermaroller In London

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Dermaroller, also known as collagen induction therapy, skin roller, skin needling or most commonly microneedling, is an incredibly effective method of erasing imperfections from the surface of the skin. The secret to doing so: rebuilding the body's collagen fibre supply and making way for fresh, new skin to take place of the old. But 'how?' you might be thinking. Let us explain...

Lesley Says

“We place a lot of importance on the personal touch at the clinic; that’s why we’ll always assess your skin first to see how many sessions of Dermaroller will help you achieve the high quality results you expect from us.”

Dr Khan Says

“What our clients really love about Dermaroller is that the effects are long-term - it encourages the growth of fresh skin for 12 months, and increases the absorption of topical products. It's a fantastic method of all-round skin restoration.”

Dermaroller Before & Afters

The remarkable difference a Harley Street Skin Clinic treatment can provide

Forget harsh lasers, or arduous exfoliation; Dermaroller achieves first rate skin renewal by creating small punctures in the skin with a handheld, cylinder-shaped instrument studded with microneedles. These needles come in a variety of sizes (typically from around 0.25mm for domestic use, all the way up to 3mm for professional use) and have astonishing effects on everything from wrinkles to acne scarring.

Dermaroller After
Dermaroller Before

Dermaroller is an incredibly popular method of skin resurfacing because it is perfect for a whole host of diverse skin complaints. Dermaroller can put an end to everything from acne scarring and enlarged pores to age spots, sun damage and areas of pigmentation.

Dermaroller After
Dermaroller Before

Similarly, Dermaroller is also fantastic for its anti-ageing abilities, helping to regenerate the skin in areas of both fine lines and deep depressions. By encouraging the growth of fresh skin, Dermaroller helps to restore youth to a maturing complexion - and can even be used as a prevention tool.

Dermaroller After
Dermaroller Before

Some of the most youthful stars the world over have readily offered up their thanks to the Dermaroller for their fresh faces. Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie, Victoria Beckham and Ellen Degeneres - amongst others - all consider microneedling as an absolutely essential beauty practice!

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Every step of your journey with Harley Street Skin is handled with the utmost care and diligence. From your very first consultation, right the way through to follow up and aftercare, Harley Street Skin will guide, advise and support you at every given opportunity. We want to make sure that your time with us is as special to you, as you are to us...

Dermaroller FAQs

The answer to some of the most common questions you may have

It's only natural to have questions if you are considering pursuing a treatment for the first time, and at Harley Street Skin, it's important to us that you feel confident and comfortable at every stage of your journey. To help you find the answers you need, here are a few of the more common quibbles that we find our clients frequently ask...

The idea behind Dermaroller is to put the skin into a temporary state of injury.

It works in a similar way to exfoliation in that it breaks down old or damaged tissue and induces the body's healing mechanism, although instead of through abrasion, it achieves this by making thousands of minute punctures.

The body responds to these punctures with an influx of collagen and elastin - youthful proteins that keep the skin supple and fresh-looking. Collagen and elastin production then continues for up to 12 months of treatment, providing a gradual, marked improvement to any surface damage.

Dermaroller should be considered a worthy opponent to many, many skin complaints including: stretch marks, discolouration, scarring (such as those left from acne, chickenpox, or surgery for instance), sun damage, enlarged pores, fine lines, wrinkles, and general skin dullness.

In addition to this, Dermaroller can also drastically improve overall skin elasticity and suppleness, resulting in skin that appears much firmer and plump. It is also shown to improve the absorption of topical products (creams, gels and serums etc.) by creating channels which distribute their containing nutrients far deeper into the dermis.

Repair to the skin is permanent.

Dermaroller is a process of skin renewal, and therefore any improvements obtained will not lessen over time. It is, in fact, common for patients to report a 60-80% improvement overall.

With regards to production of collagen and elastin, this will continue for an entire year following Dermaroller.

Results of Dermaroller are cumulative. In essence: the more that you do it - the better your outcome.

For scarring, we would typically recommend having treatment once a month for up to 6 months, however this can vary based on skin sensitivity and severity of the condition. Harley Street Skin professionals will be happy to recommend the best course of action for you at your free consultation.

With regards to treatment times, however, Dermaroller should take no more than 30-60 minutes (depending on the size of the area), although please allow some extra time for application and development of a numbing agent prior to treatment. This will likely add an additional 30 minutes or so to your treatment duration.

Patients should not be surprised by slight blood shed during Dermaroller. This will stop immediately after treatment, leaving only minor scratches, redness, and sensitivity. As the skin then continues to heal, you will experience slight flaking and peeling as the new skin forms over the old.

It should be noted that Dermaroller is not recommended for active acne, as it will unfortunately, only spread bacteria and aggravate the affected area.

This is, of course, dependent on the depth of needle penetration, although recovery from Dermaroller should always be considered minimal and no more uncomfortable than minor sunburn.

Any punctures made by the Dermaroller handpiece will heal over within 24 hours, although within this period, it is advised to refrain from anything which could pass bacteria into the open wounds (such as applying makeup or generally touching the treated skin).

Patients are more than welcome to return to work either the same or following day - some choosing to take the day to let any initial redness subside.

Provided you keep the treatment skin clean and away from direct sunlight for the first 24 hours, Dermaroller should not affect your ability to perform normal duties whatsoever.

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We understand that deciding to go forward with cosmetic treatment can feel like a huge decision. One that we certainly wouldn't expect you to go ahead with without hearing a little bit about us first. Here is exactly why people around the world are happy to put their trust into Harley Street Skin Clinic.

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Since 2004, Harley Street Skin has been on speed dial to some of the world's highest flyers thanks to the expertise of cosmetic tour de force, Dr. Aamer Khan and wife Lesley Reynolds.

With their flagship clinic based on the world’s most famous medical strip, Harley Street Skin quickly became a medical and cosmetic frontrunner, drumming up a pristine professional reputation and impressive roster of celebrity clientele. The clinic was in fact so thriving that it gained the attention of television network SkyOne, becoming the focus of hit documentary series Stitch Me, Lift Me, Tuck Me.

Offering an expansive range of both surgical and non-surgical treatments, Harley Street Skin are renowned worldwide for their cosmetic precision, expertise and minimally invasive techniques. From top of the line body sculpting treatments and cosmetic contouring to breast enhancement and discreet anti-ageing lifts, Harley Street experts offer the A-list experience from consultation through to aftercare.

But that's not all. Harley Street Skin are also pioneering skincare specialists, offering solutions to everything from anti-ageing and resurfacing, to colour correction and hydration.

Carefully formulating the perfect regime for even the most stubborn and unusual of skin complaints, Harley Street Skin boast an acclaimed skin care range frequently making an appearance in beauty mag must-haves, health and lifestyle columns, and celebrity handbags around the world.

With highly skilled practitioners, doctors and surgeons on hand at every turn, Harley Street Skin can help you attain the aesthetic you've been dreaming of - whatever your cosmetology needs.

Dr Aamer Khan & Lesley Khan