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Breast Reduction In London

With over half a million procedures undertaken, you're in safe hands

A Breast Reduction is a surgical procedure which aims to minimise the appearance of the breasts by removing breast tissue. Breast Reductions can offer life-changing solutions to women that struggle daily with unwieldy chests, and find that they are not only the root of a lot discomfort but also physical pain.

Lesley Reynolds
Lesley Says

“Breast reductions have some of the highest satisfaction rates of all the surgical procedures we perform. This is because patients often see immediate impacts to both back pain and self-confidence.”

Dr Aamer Khan
Dr Khan Says

“Asymmetrical breasts are a surprisingly common concern, also. Many of our patients don't realise that a reduction of a single breast is an option - one which can provide them with that long sought-after symmetry.”

Breast Reduction Before & Afters

The remarkable difference a Harley Street Skin Clinic treatment can provide

While reducing your chest size may be regarded by many as a purely cosmetic procedure, to those suffering with an overbearing bust it can feel much, much more than that - their chest becoming a source of both anxiety and embarrassment. That's exactly why Harley Street Skin are on hand to help...

Breast Reduction After
Breast Reduction Before

Whether you find it difficult to locate clothing to accommodate your sizable chest, have been forced to withdraw from a sport or exercise you love, or struggle with pain due to the weight of your burdensome bust - oversized breasts can wreak havoc on our quality of life.

Breast Reduction After
Breast Reduction Before

Our expert team of GMC registered surgeons will design a treatment plan, just for you, to ensure that all of your reduction requirements are met - whether that be providing you with some additional lift, restoring symmetry or resculpting the remaining breast tissue to a more desired shape.

Breast Reduction After
Breast Reduction Before

Heavy, obtrusive or pendulous breasts that cause pain, chafing and self consciousness can become a problem of the past with Harley Street Skin. Book a free of charge consultation today to talk to a doctor about achieving the proportionate silhouette you have always dreamt of.

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Every step of your journey with Harley Street Skin is handled with the utmost care and diligence. From your very first consultation, right the way through to follow up and aftercare, Harley Street Skin will guide, advise and support you at every given opportunity. We want to make sure that your time with us is as special to you, as you are to us...

Breast Reduction FAQs

The answer to some of the most common questions you may have

It's only natural to have questions if you are considering pursuing a treatment for the first time, and at Harley Street Skin, it's important to us that you feel confident and comfortable at every stage of your journey. To help you find the answers you need, here are a few of the more common quibbles that we find our clients frequently ask...

Breast Reductions are performed under general anaesthetic, and involve removing excess skin, fat and/or glandular tissue in a quest for a smaller, more compact area in an anchor or lollipop shape. They will then remove the redundant tissue, skin and fat before closing the incisions with fine stitching. The finished result will leave the breasts reduced in both weight and volume.

Breast Reductions can alleviate chronic back and neck pain exacerbated by a heavy chest, stop chafing and potential infection beneath the breast, eliminate shoulder pain and unsightly bra strap indentations, ease psychological distress and restore proportion to a previously disproportionate silhouette. If you are being forced to buy ill-fitting clothes to accommodate a cumbersome chest then a reduction may very well be for you.

Unlike breast procedures using implants, reductions do not many use of synthetic or foreign materials - like silicone or saline - that eventually need replacing. This means that breast reductions are permanent procedures, and undergoing just one is more than enough to reap a lifetime of benefit.

This procedure requires professional prowess and a finely tuned eye, therefore compared to breast augmentations, they are a little more complex and lengthy to carry out. Pending your particular concerns, breast reductions can take anywhere from 2 to 5 hours to perfect, although your surgeon will likely have a much better idea of duration after your initial consultation.

Side effects of a breast reduction will include soreness, bruising, sensitivity and swelling - but these will all subside within a few weeks of surgery. Some patients may also experience a loss of sensation around the incision sites due to nerve damage, but fortunately, this is fairly uncommon. The only lasting side discreet than other standard, surgical scarring. Many women considering this operation however, feel that this is trade they are happy to make for a chest they can finally feel comfortable with.

Of course, as with any surgical procedure there is also the small risk of infection but with proper care this can be circumvented. Harley Street Skin doctors will be happy to discuss this with you in more detail at your consultation.

Recovery will vary from patient to patient. Your recovery speed will likely depend on factors such as your physical health and fitness level, however, on average you can expect recovery to take up to 6 weeks. You will also be required to spend some time in hospital after your operation, to ensure you are made as comfortable as possible as the effects of anaesthesia begin to wear off.

We would usually recommend taking 2-3 weeks from work, but this will depend on how physically demanding your role is. If your job will accommodate your operation, and allow you to gradually resume light duties as you heal, then you may be able to return to work as soon as a week after surgery.

You should refrain from any activities which increase blood flow to the chest (such as lifting, carrying, stretching, weight bearing etc.) for 4-6 weeks post-op. During this time you will also be instructed to wear a supportive surgical bra to avoid the weight of the breasts tugging on the wounds. You should also forgo driving for at least a week, which may affect how soon you are able to resume normal routines such as work and general travel.

About The Harley Street Skin Clinic

The award winning clinic dedicated to helping you be your best self

We understand that deciding to go forward with cosmetic treatment can feel like a huge decision. One that we certainly wouldn't expect you to go ahead with without hearing a little bit about us first. Here is exactly why people around the world are happy to put their trust into Harley Street Skin Clinic.

The Harley Street Skin Clinic
Quality & Safety is our Culture

Since 2004, Harley Street Skin has been on speed dial to some of the world's highest flyers thanks to the expertise of cosmetic tour de force, Dr. Aamer Khan and wife Lesley Reynolds.

With their flagship clinic based on the world’s most famous medical strip, Harley Street Skin quickly became a medical and cosmetic frontrunner, drumming up a pristine professional reputation and impressive roster of celebrity clientele. The clinic was in fact so thriving that it gained the attention of television network SkyOne, becoming the focus of hit documentary series Stitch Me, Lift Me, Tuck Me.

Offering an expansive range of both surgical and non-surgical treatments, Harley Street Skin are renowned worldwide for their cosmetic precision, expertise and minimally invasive techniques. From top of the line body sculpting treatments and cosmetic contouring to breast enhancement and discreet anti-ageing lifts, Harley Street experts offer the A-list experience from consultation through to aftercare.

But that's not all. Harley Street Skin are also pioneering skincare specialists, offering solutions to everything from anti-ageing and resurfacing, to colour correction and hydration.

Carefully formulating the perfect regime for even the most stubborn and unusual of skin complaints, Harley Street Skin boast an acclaimed skin care range frequently making an appearance in beauty mag must-haves, health and lifestyle columns, and celebrity handbags around the world.

With highly skilled practitioners, doctors and surgeons on hand at every turn, Harley Street Skin can help you attain the aesthetic you've been dreaming of - whatever your cosmetology needs.

Dr Aamer Khan & Lesley Khan