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Nanografting In London

With over half a million procedures undertaken, you're in safe hands

Nanografting is an exciting new cosmetic practice, using the science of our own bodies to renew from within. It involves the harvesting, processing and reinjection of small increments of fat cells, which are then delicately repurposed elsewhere on the face and body.

Nanografting is particularly special as it enables the complete erasure of the very fine lines that appear on the face and body, and is shown to physically reverse architectural changes in Elastin and Collagen. By regenerating tissue in the places most need to restoration, Nanografting is perhaps the closest we can get to actually turning back the hands of the clock.

Lesley Says

“Oils and creams can only go so far in terms of scar reduction. Nanografts penetrate deeply and will boost the appearance of all layers of the skin. Patients love how much it impacts visible scar tissue.”

Dr Khan Says

“Some patients - athletes with an extremely low body-fat percentage for example - may need to gain weight prior to Nanografting. This is to ensure we have a decent amount of fat to work with.”

Nanografting Before & Afters

The remarkable difference a Harley Street Skin Clinic treatment can provide

Nanografting not only offers immediate improvement, but perhaps the most natural-looking finish that money can buy. Unlike other dermal filler, which may expand or leave treated skin appearing somewhat puffy, Nanografted fat simply redistributes and settles, blending seamlessly into the surrounding tissue as if by magic.

Nanografting After
Nanografting Before

Although similar to the more well-known procedure known as a 'Fat Transfer', Nanografts are far more delicate, allowing practitioners safe and effective access to the smaller contours of the face. Nanografting makes light work of the previously tricky to treat areas such as the neckline, decolletage and tear troughs.

Nanografting After
Nanografting Before

That's right, this minimally invasive method of volume enhancement can signal the end for many universal signs of ageing. Telltale ageing symptoms such as thinning skin, sinewy hands, dark hollows of the eyes; lack of volume in the cheeks, jaw and temples, and more can all become things of the past.

Nanografting After
Nanografting Before

Not only that, but treating these areas with Nanografted fat is far longer lasting than traditional Dermal Filler, helping add volume to the face and body indefinitely. And if that wasn't enough, nanografted fat also has the benefit of containing precious stem cells meaning overall skin quality is given a much-needed boost too!

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Nanografting FAQs

The answer to some of the most common questions you may have

It's only natural to have questions if you are considering pursuing a treatment for the first time, and at Harley Street Skin, it's important to us that you feel confident and comfortable at every stage of your journey. To help you find the answers you need, here are a few of the more common quibbles that we find our clients frequently ask...

Essentially, Nanografting is a method of sourcing natural filler from elsewhere in the body. The process consists of 3 stages: Harvesting, Filtering and Reinjection.

Firstly, the harvest area - most commonly the stomach or the flanks - is anaesthetised and then injected with a small cannula in order to draw out a small supply of fatty cells. Once the required amount of fat has been drawn, it may then be processed and purified, allowing only the fat containing the important growth factors to be reinjected.

Minute parcels of this purified fat are then injected bit-by-bit into the skin, cushioning delicate or particularly intricate areas of visible volume-loss from within - permanently.

Nanografting differs from traditional fat transfers in that the harvest cannula is so extremely fine, enabling much smaller particles of fat to be extracted. This allows for treatment of particularly delicate areas of the face and body.

Nanografting can bring brightness back to the eye area by eradicating sunken or dark eye sockets, restore youthful plumpness to lines of the face and neck, improve the appearance of scar tissue, markedly boost hair follicle activity therefore helping those in the early stages of alopecia or pattern baldness, and even improve the overall quality of the treated skin thanks to the deposits of growth factors in the grafted fat.

Lifelong results can be expected from Nanografting. One treatment, and the area will remain indefinitely plumped.

It should be noted, however, that during the ageing process, further lines and wrinkles may form in the area. Whilst Nanografted growth factors will help fend these off a little while longer, they cannot prevent them from forming entirely.

Nanografting is only slightly more invasive that traditional dermal filler, which means it can be completed in next to no time at all. Appointments for Nanografts should typically take no more than an hour - from harvest right through to reinjection.

Side effects may include bruising, swelling and tenderness - in both the harvest area and the reinjection site(s). Some swelling and/or minor bruising may linger for a few weeks following treatment, but most patients do not find that this prevents them from returning to normal activities after day 2 or 3.

Recovery from Nanografting is very swift, and downtime minimal.

Due to the fact that Nanografting is designed for smaller, more intricate treatment areas, it does not typically require the traditional 'bedrest' that is more commonly associated with fat transfers. There will likely be some residual tenderness and swelling in the harvest area, although most patients report feeling back to normal within the first week or so...

You should listen to your body in this regard. Many feel comfortable returning to more sedentary work straight away, although others will take a few days for tenderness to subside- particularly if their chosen harvest area is heavily relied upon in their role. For a better idea of returning to work post-treatment, you should discuss this further with one of our practitioners during consultation.

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