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Nose Filler In London

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Nose filler: a.k.a alternative rhinoplasty, or the 'non-surgical nose job'. Nose filler is an incredibly resourceful and minimally invasive way of adapting the natural contours of the nose using injectables. Nose filler can make the nose appear smaller, smoother or more defined, and is a much less harsh course of action than traditional Rhinoplasty.

Lesley Says

“I advise lots of my patients to trial Nose Filler before they take the plunge with Rhinoplasty - simply pop in during your lunch break and you can test the waters.”

Dr Khan Says

“Some patients are hesitant of nose filler as they assume it means adding bulk. What many of them then discover is that it can in fact be used to make the nose appear smaller.”

Nose Filler Before & Afters

The remarkable difference a Harley Street Skin Clinic treatment can provide

Traditional rhinoplasty often requires breaking the bone and restructuring the nose from within. A long-winded, pricey, and often painful procedure aimed at getting the nose of your dreams. What if there was an easier way? Now there is…

Nose Filler After
Nose Filler Before

With results that can be seen immediately, Nose Filler is a semi-permanent, non-surgical solution to nasal woes such as: sunken bridges, asymmetry, protrusion, broadness, grooves, humps and kinks. The best bit, however, is that Filler comes with very little pain and absolutely no downtime.

Nose Filler After
Nose Filler Before

From childhood rough and tumble to botched nose jobs and broken noses, there are many reasons why someone may consider opting for Nose Filler. Even if you are simply a little concerned with your nostril size, filler can be the perfect solution for those not interested in going under the knife.

Nose Filler After
Nose Filler Before

Forget suffering though weeks of black eyes and uncomfortable dressings - Nose Filler can give patients the satisfaction of immediate, visible results in as little as 30 minutes start to finish. Instant definition, instant shape and instant improvement at a fraction of the price of surgical intervention.

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Nose Filler FAQs

The answer to some of the most common questions you may have

It's only natural to have questions if you are considering pursuing a treatment for the first time, and at Harley Street Skin, it's important to us that you feel confident and comfortable at every stage of your journey. To help you find the answers you need, here are a few of the more common quibbles that we find our clients frequently ask...

Nose Filler involves injecting a specially formulated combination of filler and muscle relaxant into the nose in order to raise the soft tissue, therefore altering its shape and appearance.

Often a variety of nasal concerns (from minor lumps and bumps to unbalanced nostrils and depressions) can be counterbalanced by careful and precise placement of filler, disguising any visible imperfections as identified by the patient.

Aside from disguising any visible kinks and grooves, filler may also make the nose appear less broad by adding dimension, correct asymmetry, conceal imperfections from a broken nose, lift or reshape the tip, fill grooves, augment the bridge and perfect uneven nostrils.

Filler in the nose can also be a quick-fix for those testing the waters before permanent rhinoplasty, or wanting to revise previous work done on the nose.

Nose Filler will typically last up to 1 year. It should, however, be noted that filler may dissolve more quickly on a particularly expressive face that is subject to lots of muscle movement. This is why muscle relaxant is often used alongside filler in dermal treatments.

In order to maintain nose filler to an optimum level, we would recommend visiting the clinic for re-treatment every 9 months or so.

Filler is an extremely straightforward process, and one which shouldn't require any longer than 30 minutes of your time. Since you will first discuss your areas of concern with your practitioner at your consultation, treatment itself needn't take any longer than half an hour - in fact - many nip in to see us on their lunch hours!

Filler in the nose can result in some redness, bruising and tenderness around the injection sites, although all should subside within 2-3 days of treatment. Swelling, however, can linger for up to a week or so before you are able to see the full results of your filler treatment. Up until this point, it is normal for the area to feel a little tight as the filler settles and inflammation subsides.

There will likely be some lingering swelling and bruising after Nose Filler, but nothing that warrants any significant 'recovery' in the traditional sense. Recovering from Nose Filler is actually rather as simple as leaving the clinic: no downtime, no sick leave, no need to complicate things.

For best results as you heal however, we would recommend that you try to avoid activities that will increase the blood flow to the face and aggravate swelling, stay sat upright for the first 4-6 hours, and refrain from wearing sunglasses or reading glasses for the first 12.

Immediately. Many, in fact, return directly to work from their treatment at the clinic.

It is fairly common for slight bruising from the injections to appear 2-3 days after treatment, which some may feel hinders their ability to return to work straightaway, but do rest assured that this can easily be concealed with makeup if necessary.

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We understand that deciding to go forward with cosmetic treatment can feel like a huge decision. One that we certainly wouldn't expect you to go ahead with without hearing a little bit about us first. Here is exactly why people around the world are happy to put their trust into Harley Street Skin Clinic.

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Since 2004, Harley Street Skin has been on speed dial to some of the world's highest flyers thanks to the expertise of cosmetic tour de force, Dr. Aamer Khan and wife Lesley Reynolds.

With their flagship clinic based on the world’s most famous medical strip, Harley Street Skin quickly became a medical and cosmetic frontrunner, drumming up a pristine professional reputation and impressive roster of celebrity clientele. The clinic was in fact so thriving that it gained the attention of television network SkyOne, becoming the focus of hit documentary series Stitch Me, Lift Me, Tuck Me.

Offering an expansive range of both surgical and non-surgical treatments, Harley Street Skin are renowned worldwide for their cosmetic precision, expertise and minimally invasive techniques. From top of the line body sculpting treatments and cosmetic contouring to breast enhancement and discreet anti-ageing lifts, Harley Street experts offer the A-list experience from consultation through to aftercare.

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