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Lower Face and Neck Lift In Our London Based Clinic

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Visit our London-based clinic to receive the best cosmetic surgery services. Our goal is to deliver our expertise in lower face and neck lift surgery to our clients not just in the streets of London but all around the world.

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Our expert surgeons and cosmetic practitioners are the best lower face and neck lift surgeons. Thanks to our vast experience, we provide exceptional results that will bring out your natural beauty remarkably.

Our Results

Contoured Jaw
Smooth Neck

Our lower face and neck lift will make you look revitalized and will result in good skin elasticity. You can make your contours firmer and your skin smoother. Our services will help you get that youthful look and face that you have been hoping for.

What is Lower Face and Neck Lift?

Facial Renewal

Revitalizing Lift

What does a lower face and neck lift aim to achieve?

A lower facelift and neck lift, known as a mini facelift surgery, is the type of facelift procedure done to eliminate extra skin and tissue from the lower part of the face and neck. This facial surgery is a way to lift and elevate the soft tissues of the face, and when we are young, the structure is there but the skin is available, especially on the face, contour, and jawline.

Unfortunately, skin loses elasticity due to old age resulting in the skin starting to sag, have wrinkles, and start to cover the nice contour of the face and jawline. Even if our entire structure remains the same, there is a gravitational pull to everything else leaving us looking old.

Several benefits include:

  • It contours the neck, jawline and lower face.
  • Removes sagging skin on your neck.
  • Fewer wrinkles
  • Minimal scarring

Difference between a lower facelift and a neck lift from other types of facelifts

Lower Facelift Surgery

Main Purpose: Sagging skin and tissue lifting to enhance the youthful appearance.

Area Targeted: Lower part of the face, including jowls, and jawline.

Incision Site: Made in front and behind the ear; may be extended higher to lift the cheek area.

Neck Lift Surgery

Main Purpose: Loose or excess skin or any excess fat in the neck, visible vertical bands correction.

Area Targeted: Neck region

Incision Site: Around the ear and below the chin, sometimes only under the chin for minimal skin laxity.

Standard Facelift

Main Purpose: Sagging skin and wrinkles.

Area Targeted: Entire face.

Incision Site: Around the hairline and ears.

Deep Plane Facelift

Main Purpose: Total facial rejuvenation for the serious sagging skin, deep folds, and hollow midface.

Area Targeted: Entire face focusing on the underlying muscle and tissues.

Incision Site: Around the hairline and ears but targeting underlying tissues.

Brow Lift

Main Purpose: Eyelid surgery reduces lines and wrinkles, addresses sagging eyelids and enhances the eye features.

Area Targeted: Forehead and brow.

Incision Site: Along the hairline or creases from the forehead.

The Lower Face and Neck Lift Procedure

Enhanced Lift

How does a lower face and a neck lift work?

Delicate incisions are made in front of and behind your ears as part of a lower face and neck lifts. These begin in the highest part of your hairline on your head, go all the way around your ear to the front of your earlobe, up the outer fold at the back of your ear, and conclude in the hair in hand behind your ear. On top of your cheeks and neck, they lift the skin, tighten the muscle layer beneath, remove excess skin or any excess fat deposits under the skin, and secure the stitches then used to reattach the top layer. If there is any excess fat beneath your chin, it will be drawn out with a tube. Please note that each cosmetic surgical procedure is different and completely tailored to you as an individual.

Visible Results

How long will the result last?

Surgical face and neck lift treatment is a one-time session, and the results are expected to last between 10 to 15 years. However, some factors such as lifestyle, general health, and well-being influence the longevity of the outcomes. For instance, smoking, insufficient dermatologic surgery aftercare, and excessive sun damage will age the skin even during the recovery time after the treatment is completed. Revision surgery or other procedures may be needed to achieve optimal results in some cases.

Ideal age for cosmetic surgery.

What is the best age to have a mini facelift surgery?

Lower facelift and neck lift patients don’t have an ideal age. Instead, it highly depends on the skin’s situation and your current need. Most patients that choose to perform this surgical procedure are primarily those who are close to or starting at the fifties and sixties. However, younger patients can definitely go for a mini facelift if their appearance develops early signs of the ageing process.

Combining lower face lift surgery and a neck lift.

When is lower facelift surgery combined with neck lift surgery?

Many patients opt for non surgical treatments to address their issues in the lower face and neck, but a mini facelift surgery is better in boosting the appearance of their neck and how they function. It’s the lift performed on the neck and the lower half of the face. The method in which the aesthetic plastic surgeons utilises this pair results in more inclined while combat signs of the  ageing process in these interconnected areas. This surgical mini facelift procedure completely eliminates sagging skin and repositions underlying muscles, tissues, and improves the appearance of both lower face and neck.

Surgery Timeline

How long does facial cosmetic surgery take?

The surgical face and neck lift may take 3 or 4 hours depending on your consultation. Additionally, the pre-surgery preparation should also be factored in a separate time.

Lower Face and Neck Lift Cost

Price Influencers

Package Choices

How much does it cost?

Harley Street Skin Clinic is known for our services, and it is important to note that our lower face and neck surgery costs £9,800. It is quite expensive, precisely because our surgery is well-known, and only the best plastic surgeons, that is most notably excellent and knowledgeable, work with us.

We offer each treatment on the most current modern equipment and the greatest available medicine. Thus, the expensive price means you would be getting high-quality treatment and will come out, feeling happy and satisfied. As a matter of fact, the prices often reflect the quality of the service.

Our Prices

From £5462

Aqua peel Essentials

Before Surgery

What you need to know before the treatment?

A talk with the Surgeon to:

  • Check how your face is built.
  • Look at your skin's condition.
  • Talk about your plastic surgeons treatment plan.
  • Explain how they'll do the surgery to get that for you.
  • Talk about any risks after the cosmetic surgery.
  • Look at your medical history and how healthy you are.
  • Give you ideas and options that fit you
  • Before Surgery:

  • Stop Medicines and vitamins that make you bleed more.
  • Stop smoking
  • Get the meds you need after surgery.
  • Recovery
    From Surgery

    What are the recommended post-operative care?

  • You will experience some bruising, you will be allowed to take pain relievers to minimise the discomfort.
  • You need to adapt to sleep with your head in its proper place.
  • Be careful not to wet the surgical areas.
  • Don’t lift heavy weights.
  • Prevent
    From Surgery

    How to have long lasting results?

    You will not see the final result right after the surgery, because there may be swelling and bruising. You will need to wait for a few months for your tissue to settle.

  • Do proper maintenance and skin care.
  • Wear sunscreen.
  • Ensure to eat a healthy diet.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Why have a Lower Face and Neck Lift

    Combat ageing process

    Youthful glow

    Age defying

    • Rejuvenate facial features.
    • Restore facial contours.
    • Enhance skin elasticity.

    Boost self-confidence

    Lift confidence

    Elevate self-esteem

    • Renewed self-image.
    • Better interactions with people.
    • Improved satisfaction on yourself.

    Long-lasting results

    Lasting rejuvenation

    Timeless results

    • Lasting youthful results.
    • Minimal maintenance required.
    • Ageing gracefully.

    Before & afters
    Lower Face and Neck Lift After
    Lower Face and Neck Lift Before

    Whilst Facelifts may be a fantastic and much-loved method of restoring youth and brightness to a tired-looking face, for those feeling that their problem areas extend a little further down toward the lower jaw and decollete, let us introduce the Lower Face and Neck Lift.

    Lower Face and Neck Lift After
    Lower Face and Neck Lift Before

    Offering pristine results for up to 15 years, the Lower Face and Neck Lift will help both men and women achieve sensational silhouette definition and a drastically improved profile. For a long term solution to sagging skin, look no further than a Lower Face and Neck Lift...

    Lower Face and Neck Lift After
    Lower Face and Neck Lift Before

    Although a little more expensive than other forms of cosmetic lifting, Lower Face and Neck Lifts are incredibly rejuvenating, helping reverse the effects of severe sagging and restore the skin to its youthful former glory. Wash away deep set lines and wrinkles, indentations and visible laxity in one comprehensive procedure.

    Recovery timeline

    Week 1

    Noticeable Bruising and swelling at 3 to 4 days post-surgery. Signs of healing will continue for 7 days to a few weeks.
    • By the end of the week, daily light activity is usually permitted.
    • Avoid sun exposure.

    2-4 Weeks

    Most of the noticeable signs of healing are better between 2-4 weeks.
    • Patients may be eager to return to more strenuous exercise by the end of two weeks.
    • Avoid sun exposure.

    Months 1

    Around the first month, you will notice signs of improvements in swelling, bruising, and healing around the tissues.

    The excess swelling, bruising, and numbness in the face remain.

    Sensation in the face may be restored.

    You will notice that the numbness will start to heal.

    • Exfoliate and moisturize
    • Follow skincare routine

    Months 6-12

    It may take 6-12 months for complete healing.

    The incision site may appear a bit pinkish-red at first, this should fade after 6-12 months.

    • Ask your doctor for any recommendations.
    • A follow-up check-up is needed
    Lower Face and Neck Lift Benefits


    Youthful radiance

    Defined profile

  • It addresses drooping skin and restores a more youthful appearance.
  • It tightens the underlying muscle and tissues and makes your skin firmer.
  • This procedure stimulates collagen production and enhances skin elasticity.
  • A lift can give you a more youthful appearance by eliminating the signs of ageing process such as jowls and a double chin.
  • Psychological Well-being

    Confidence boost

    Emotional satisfaction

  • It improves how an individual perceives themselves.
  • You may feel more confident in a social setting because of a refreshed appearance.
  • Feeling more confident contributes to a more positive outlook in life.
  • For people troubled by visible signs of aging in their lower face and neck, a facelift surgery can reduce them significantly and anxiety related to these issues.
  • Functional Benefits

    Enhanced functionality

    Improved contouring

  • It can make your neck work better and feel more comfortable by fixing loose muscles and skin.
  • The surgery makes your face look better by tightening up loose skin and moving the tissue around to make your face more defined.
  • During the surgery, they make your muscles tighter, which not only makes your neck and jawline look better but also makes them stronger.
  • The surgery removes excess fat and skin from your jawline, giving it better shape and support.
  • Am I suitable?

    Who is the ideal candidate?

    An Aqua peel is suitable for most people regardless of their skin types or color especially if they have enlarged pores, blackheads, acne, or acne scars. This method could also be useful if you suffer from unevenness in tone or texture, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, melasma, fine lines and wrinkles or even stretch marks.

    What are the risks?

    Can a risk be prevented?

    Lower face and neck lift surgery has some risks, but they can be minimised by having the surgery performed by a knowledgeable professional. Several risks are blood clot or to be allergic to anaesthetic drugs, you might have bleeding, nerve damage, or bad scarring. Additionally, bad wound healing, or swelling and you may feel changes in sensation sometimes. However, most of the mentioned problems are curable, and you will receive thorough information about it and the possibilities before surgery. The long-term ones include keloid scars.

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