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Pubic Lift In London

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Unhappy with that pesky pouch of fat that seems to have formed just below the bikini line? You know - the bit which now seems to have set up camp atop of your underwear? Feeling self-conscious about how it looks when wearing tight-fitted clothes or underwear? Well truth be told, many face this sense of embarrassment surrounding this intimate part of the body.

The mons pubis is the fatty tissue located above the pubic bone. The fat in this area can reach a size that causes self-consciousness and even discomfort while wearing tight-fitting clothing. This is the area that a Pubic Lift endeavours to correct.

Typically, things such as weight fluctuation, pregnancy and genetics play a significant part in the development of an oversized mons pubis, however there are certain surgical steps which can provide a solution…

Lesley Says

"So many women typically feel self-conscious about this, and feel the need to physically hide the area with loose-clothing. For many, it becomes such a present, daily worry."

Dr Khan Says

"Many patients are surprised at how much can be achieved with a Pubic Lift. The process may seem a little nerve-wracking to some but I have seen it have lifechanging impacts on self-esteem."

Pubic Lift Before & Afters

The remarkable difference a Harley Street Skin Clinic treatment can provide

During a Pubic Lift, both excess skin and fat are surgically removed to reduce visible bulging in/above the pubic area. During this procedure, fat is carefully removed through a targeted incision, then the underlying muscle and tissue is gently raised, tightened and sculpted to contour the pubic area. This leaves patients with a smaller, smoother and more taut pubic area.

A Pubic Lift is the best course of action if you want to see dramatic, long-lasting results to the mons pubis. Whilst patients are sometimes left with a scar similar to that of a C-section after larger, surgical removals, many patients find the healing process to be relatively easy to manage and the results more than worth the exchange.

Pubic Lift Images Available In-Clinic Only

Some say time is a great healer, but your skin certainly didn't get the memo. Ageing weakens the pubis, causing visible sagging and even dramatically stretched skin 'down below'. Even though many believe nothing can be done about it, there are treatments available to rid this pad of fat. By removing and lessening the fat on the tissue (mons pubis), your skin will be tightened by undergoing a Pubic Lift surgery.

Pubic Lift Images Available In-Clinic Only

You will be happy to hear that this operation does more than simply reduce excess fat - it also gives you an opportunity to enhance the profile and silhouette of this region by tightening the skin and muscle. This means that the area appears more proportioned, balanced and firm. If you are one of the many men or women that feel self-conscious about this area, a Pubic Lift can leave you feeling relaxed for the first time in forever.

Pubic Lift Images Available In-Clinic Only

...And that’s not all. By tightening the skin in this delicate area, we find that visible effects of ageing can also be addressed. Treating this area gives the lower stomach a dose of youthful lift, meaning swimwear is no longer a cause for sheer panic. Instead, years worth of gravity and weight fluctuation can be reversed, enabling patients to lay comfortably by the poolside brandishing their newly taut tummy for the world to see!

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Pubic Lift FAQs

The answer to some of the most common questions you may have

It's only natural to have questions if you are considering pursuing a treatment for the first time, and at Harley Street Skin, it's important to us that you feel confident and comfortable at every stage of your journey. To help you find the answers you need, here are a few of the more common quibbles that we find our clients frequently ask...

The Pubic Lift's medical name is a 'Monsplasty', and the procedure is typically conducted surgically, similar to an Abdominoplasty.

Similar treatment can also be completed using advanced radiofrequency whereby fat is liquified and removed via cannula; the skin then tightened using RF energy. This procedure is known as BodyTite.

The method which is most appropriate for a patient will be discussed at consultation, and will often be dictated by the extent of the loose skin or fat in this area. More severe fat skin laxity in this region will often require surgical skin removal for best results.

Surgical removals are conducted under general anaesthesia and incisions are made above the pubic bone, or 'mons pubis'. Fat and excess skin is then removed and any layers of muscle and connective tissue supporting the mons pubis is then raised to contour the pubic area. Finally dissolvable stitches are used to close the incisions neatly and securely.

Since losing weight, unfortunately, is not always enough to reduce localised pubis fat, toning this area can be frustrating. A Pubic Lift can help restore shape, tone and confidence to patients that have been plagued by insecurity following pregnancy and child birth, hormone-related weight fluctuation or even siply ageing. We find that, post-treatment, patients feel comfortable returning to more form-fitting clothing, experience more fulfilling sexual relationships due to a significant confidence boost, and generally feel much more comfortable within themselves.

The results from a Pubic Lift operation are long-lasting, leaving patients extremely satisfied long-term. If a healthy weight and physique is sustained, results from this treatment are permanent.

Patients find they are finally able to wear swimsuits, undergarments and form-fitting clothing with confidence - sometimes for the first time in their lives.

This will depend on the method used, as well as things such as anaesthesia and the extend of skin removal that may be required. Typically treatment itself can be completed in around 1-2 hours, although as some patients choose to undergo other procedures simultaneously (abdominoplasty, liposuction of the flanks, etc.) treatment length may be extended.

You will receive a much better idea of treatment length when discussing things through with your practitioner at the consultation stage.

Typical side effects of the Pubic Lift - during recovery stages - are swelling, a feeling of tightness, discomfort and bruising.

Longer term, it is not unsual for patients to be left with some scarring just below the bikini line - this is typically very subtle, but in the case of extreme skin removal, may be more visible.

Patients that choose to undergo a Pubic Lift using radiofrequency (i.e. a BodyTite removal) are significantly less likely to sustain this type of scarring, as incisions are minute and made in inconspicuous areas which are concealed by natural creases in the skin. In the interest of best results, however, this option may not be advised for patients with more severe loose skin prior to treatment.

Recovery timelines will depend on the method of removal - with more extensive surgical work requring more time than radiofrequency removals.

Despite being performed on a delicate area, patients are surprised how easy-going a Pubic Lift actually is.

Similar to Abdominoplasty, full recovery from extensive surgical work can take up to 6 weeks in some case, although gentle activities resumed within the first 1-2 weeks.

During this recovery period, patients can manage discomfort using analgesics and should avoid demanding physical activity (including intimacy with partners), to prevent any unnecessary stress of pressure on the treatment area.

Swelling will continue to lessen over the course of your recovery, also. Patients should note that in some cases this can take upwards of 8 weeks to clear up entirely and reveal the final results of your Pubic Lift.

This, unfortunately, is not prescriptive in that it will depend on a number of factors such as the nature of your role, the procedure method, and personal considerations such as rate of recovery. If you are at all concerned about knowing when it is advisable to return to work, never fear, our doctors are on hand to advise you accordingly.

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