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The real deal in facelifts? Our surgeons are trained in the very best medical schools. They have got you covered with excellent personalized care.

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Know our facelift results. Think of timeless beauty and enhanced confidence that will give you a boost towards a more youthful, fresher look. It’s all about feeling great.

What is Facelift?

Facelift Surgery

Unlocking the Secret: What exactly is a Facelift?

Does facelift surgery really make you look younger?

Ever wondered how celebrities keep that youthful look? Well, let’s talk about facelift surgery. It’s not just tightening up the skin; it’s like magic for your face. Surgeons are miracle workers who iron out those creases and remove excess skin to restore youthfulness to the face. It all comes down to what you want, a slight shift or a complete transformation. You can also choose from classic facelifts or mini facelift options meant for different requirements. The healing process may take a few weeks, but the results are sustainable for an extended period. Facelifts are safely done by plastic surgeons with modern surgical procedures to help renew your appearance as desired.

What are the effects of a facelift procedure?

  • Regain that youthful appearance.
  • Bid goodbye to every wrinkle and fine line
  • Have better defined features and look refreshed.

The many Facelift types

Standard Facelift

Can a standard facelift address specific concerns such as sagging skin or wrinkles?

A standard facelift is designed to handle concerns such as sagging skin, and wrinkles. The surgeon tightens underlying muscles and tissues, gets rid of any excess skin, and then repositions the skin for a younger-looking appearance. With this method, wrinkles and excess skin in the facial area especially the neck region will be reduced. In some cases, aesthetic plastic surgeons may also opt to add complementary procedures like fat grafting or laser resurfacing to boost overall results from a standard facelift. It’s better to discuss specifics with an experienced cosmetic surgeon who can advise accordingly.

Deep Plane Facelift

Who benefits from a deep plane facelift?

Are you in your 50s? 60s? 70s? Perhaps, consider a deep plane facelift for a more youthful look, Age is no barrier at all. But why do patients elect for a deep plane facelift? While the deep plane facelift isn't quite as known as its less invasive counterparts, this particular technique is highly effective when it comes to total facial rejuvenation. They’re ideal if you are dealing with a serious case of sagging skin, deep folds or troublesome jowls. If your midface looks a little hollow and your smile lines are getting deeper, this may be the answer for you. In essence, if you want major results, then perhaps a deep plane facelift would be just what you need to start fresh again.

Brow Lift

Combining the Facelift and Brow lift?

The focal point of brow lift targets deep lines and wrinkles. For example, if you want to address sagging eyelids and enhance the prominence of your eyes, this procedure can offer promising results. Whether you want to rejuvenate the lower face or enhance the upper regions, there are interventions available that can help you achieve a younger appearance and improved well-being.

Neck Lift

What exactly is neck lift surgery, and who's the right fit for it?

Let’s talk about neck lifts, also called lower rhytidectomy. This surgery primarily aims to address signs of aging around your jaw and neckline. Sagging skin can be due to genetics, aging, weight fluctuations, smoking and lack of skin care. If the traditional facelift procedure is not an immediate desire but one wants to improve on turkey necks or a double chin then the best thing for you is to consider a neck lift, this will give you confidence and make you look younger.

The Facelift Procedures

It’s all in the technique

What are the main types of facelifts?

Mini facelift or full facelift procedure?

A mini facelift surgery is a smaller version of a full facelift procedure. It works on drooping skin and muscles in the lower part of your face and neck. Unlike the full facelift procedure which covers more areas of your face as well as neck, the mini facelift version only targets the lower end. In two hours, it will tighten the muscles, remove extra skin, and reshape cheeks plus jaw-line. Mini facelift surgery is performed within a day but may require general anesthesia. Full facelift patients tend to stay 1-2 nights at the hospital. All medical history and health prerequisites should be met by patients to guarantee safety in the operating room.

How does the surgeon decide which surgical technique to use?

The surgeon will examine the facial features and skin aging of their patient. They will also consider skin quality. Some other things that surgeons take into consideration are, the possibility of combining procedures with one another, they will discuss the most suitable approach in order to get that fresh youthful look which a patient seeks.

What exactly do surgeons work on during a facelift surgery?

How do they navigate facial muscles and tissues?

Plastic surgeons working in plastic surgery are very careful and cautious with facial muscles as well as tissues to achieve the best results. They apply small cuts around the hairline or behind ears so that they can access whatever lies beneath. From this point, it is about lifting the skin which is a delicate process that also involves other parts like muscles and tissues so as to avoid sagging. In order not to harm these fragile parts, surgeons use precision tools and methods and shift their position to match the different face shapes of their patients.

Are there any special precautions to avoid nerve damage?

In relation to avoiding nerve injury during facelifts, surgeons exhibit caution. First of all, they ensure that their cuts are done very deliberately. They put them in places that have lesser risks of hitting any nerves. They also handle the surrounding tissue quite delicately throughout the operation to avoid interfering with unnoticed nerves there. Even at times, they may employ special instruments for real-time supervision of the nerves while performing plastic surgery just to be on the safer side.

And guess what? After your facial surgery, they will advise you on how best to take care of yourself such as not doing anything which can exert too much pressure on your face while it is being healed. Nevertheless, the chance of nerve suffering is very small because of all these measures and skills applied by experienced specialists in this field.

How do lasers and ultrasound change facelift surgery?

Do they mean faster recovery and better results?

Lasers and ultrasound are changing facelift surgery. They serve as the superheroes of the aesthetic industry, with less invasive surgery that rejuvenates classic techniques. These cosmetic treatments stimulate collagen, firm up skin, and eradicate texture. However, it is important to note that they might not always result in faster recovery or better results than traditional facelifts. For a successful procedure, several factors have to be considered; individual facial anatomy structure, extent of changes required, and proficiency of the surgeon.

How do lasers and ultrasound enhance the precision and safety of facelift procedures compared to traditional facelift?

With lasers and ultrasounds, you experience a fast healing process and no scarring. Ultrasound lets surgeons see through your face to assist them work seamlessly. Other than that, it also results in more collagen generation, which makes your skin tight and youthful. Lasers and ultrasound also ensure your surgery flows smoothly.

What are the alternative non surgical treatments available as alternatives to facelift surgery?

How do injectable dermal fillers and Botox make your face younger compared to facial cosmetic surgery?

Unlike surgical facelift, non surgical facelift uses dermal fillers that are injected directly into areas requiring rejuvenation. Substances like hyaluronic acid are used to enhance the fullness of cheeks and lips, resulting in a plumper appearance., Botox relaxes those annoying muscle lines, for example wrinkles produced from frowning too much. Less downtime compared to facelift procedures and quicker recovery time make these treatments easier on facelift patients’ part. Nevertheless, keep in mind that they are not permanent solutions, thus touch-ups will help maintain the youthful appearance.

Which types of lasers are effective for treating wrinkles and skin discoloration?

When it comes to lasers, it is a wrinkle eraser and age spot removers. Fractional lasers such as CO2 or erbium work by boosting collagen production while also softening out wrinkles. Some lasers can work wonders on spots such as IPL/Q-switched lasers which break up pigmentation making skin tone more even. Each laser has its own superpower, so consult your dermatologist so you can know the right non surgical treatment for you depending on your type of skin.

How do surgeons determine if someone is a good candidate for a facelift surgery, and what's the prep?

What do you need to do before you undergo a facelift?

You will be advised by your plastic surgeons against smoking and using some drugs prior to cosmetic surgery so that these do not hinder your progression. Before the big day expect some tests like bloodwork and ECG to ensure you are fit to undergo the surgery.

How do they tailor the plan to fit each person's face and skin?

Creating a customized plan for facelift surgery would be compared with tailoring a bespoke suit, it has to fit perfectly. What they need to start is taking an acute look at your face and skin: bone structure, condition of skin, and areas requiring special care should be taken into account. Then comes their magic touch which involves designing a plan that matches your every personal feature. They shall focus on either lifting, tightening, or relaxing lines according to what would be best suited for you depending on your desired outcome.

Facelift London Prices

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High-end Lift.

How much does a surgical facelift cost?

So how much can a facelift cost in London? Surgeons, as well as the quality of outcomes, can vary significantly in the costs of treatments. The location is not the only difference, many of the top ones are also in central London city’s famed medical district, Harley Street. Depending on the surgeon and their reputation, prices can range from near to £6,000 to £15,000 and beyond.

At our clinic, you do not only pay the best plastic surgeon, we are based in the Lindo Wing, home of royal births. Payment reflects that level of top professional treatment, as well as comfort and trust when considering your skin.

Our Prices

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Surgical Facelifts Before & Afters

The remarkable difference a Harley Street Skin Clinic treatment can provide

We've helped many, many faces in their fight for a brighter, more youthful look. Here are just a few..

Surgical Facelift After
Surgical Facelift Before

You may consider a Surgical Facelift if your problem areas extend further down toward the lower jaw and decollete. These surgical options offer incredibly restorative solutions to skin with deep set lines, wrinkles, indentations or visible laxity; dramatically restoring skin to its youthful former glory.

Surgical Facelift After
Surgical Facelift Before

You might be concerned about the onset of the dreaded 'turkey neck', have prominent jowls, or simply just note a lack of definition around the cheekbones. Facial sagging can even tug at the eyes and corners of the mouth, making men and women appear permanently miserable.

Surgical Facelift After
Surgical Facelift Before

Surgical Facelifts will intervene so fantastically that you needn't worry another moment about unsightly sagging, appearing tired or generally 'old before your time'. Better yet, you needn't worry again for up to 10 years. Long term results mean long term peace of mind.

Facelift Essentials

for Surgery

Why do I need lab tests before my cosmetic surgery?

Surgeons must conduct tests before surgery to test your health and ensure you don’t have any problems that might get in the way during or after the surgery. They look at what is in your blood, urine, and heart, among other things, to see if you’re healthy enough for surgery. It is a requirement to undergo these tests in order to make sure you’re safe and everything goes well during surgery.

from Surgery

How can one ensure a smooth recovery process after facelift surgery?

For a smooth recovery process after facelift surgery, follow these tips: Listen to your surgeon, he knows best. Take your prescribed medication like you’re supposed to and go back for check-ups. Sleep enough, eat healthy foods and drink lots of water. No smoking or alcohol, as your body thrives when given optimal support. Protect yourself from the sun’s rays while practicing patience. Lastly, if anything feels wrong do not hesitate to contact your patient liaison.

from Surgery

Is facelift surgery painful? How can I manage discomfort and speed up recovery?

Now here is how you can manage pain and recover fast after undergoing a facelift without straining yourself. Number one; ensure you take the pain medication given as prescribed by a surgeon since they are meant for this purpose only. Use ice packs as long as needed to bring down the swelling and alleviate discomfort but please remember moderation is crucial here. Keeping the head above pillow level while sleeping is also very important. And let us not forget about eating right plus drinking enough water. Finally, make sure to take your surgeon’s advice over when to get active again fully on board.

Why have a Facelift


Renewing Your Appearance

Revitalizing Your Look

Bid goodbye to loose skin and wrinkles by turning back time with a facelift. Youthful appearance can be enjoyed through the tightening of underlying facial muscles and decreased skin laxity. Your rejuvenated look will bring about a renewed vitality in your step.

Confidence and Self-Image

Boosting Self-Assurance

Enhancing Personal Perception

Facelifts can dramatically enhance one’s appearance, leaving the person looking much more youthful. People who are comfortable with their aesthetics tend to be encouraged and able to engage more with others. Having a facelift may give people an added sense of self-esteem through restoring their youthful appearance. People who are comfortable with their looks tend to be encouraged and able to engage more with others.

Long term Investment

Timeless Rejuvenation

Lasting Beauty

Imagine a facelift as a long-term improvement leaving you feeling superb year in, year out. With your newfound confidence because of your fresh face, you’ll look good and feel unbeatable in every aspect of your life. Having a facelift means investing in what makes you happy and ensures that you live contented with your appearance.

Recovery timeline

1-2 Months

During the first month, you might feel like your face is tight and swollen but do not fret; it’s normal. Swelling peaks then gradually fade away over a few weeks. Once the swelling subsides, you will observe that your face will settle into its new look and shape over time.

  • Use cotton balls to wash face gently twice daily with a mild soap after the first week.
  • Moisturize and protect, apply SPF moisturizer daily.

2-3 Months

Within the next couple of months, you will begin to observe that scars are lightening up while facial features start taking shape. By the close of three months, major enhancements like better-defined outlines and smoother epidermis can be seen here.

  • Scar Care - use silicone gel on scars.
  • Ease back into light exercises.

6-12 Months

Around the six to twelve-month point swelling has subsided, resulting in a more natural look. At this stage, bright pink or red are the first impressions of the scars immediately after suture removal. However, as time goes by these marks change progressively, from redness to pink then ultimately to white coloration. Swelling within damaged tissues also declines. Ultimately, they are transformed into fine white lines that can hardly be noticed.

  • Sun protection - apply sunscreen daily.
  • Skin nourishment - use antioxidant-rich skincare.

12+ Months

After about a year all remaining puffiness disappears completely, and your face gets its final form back. Scars continuously disappear hence becoming less visible. This will mean that your skin keeps getting better and retains a youthful appearance. Facelift results can last for many years if taken care of properly, leaving you looking fresh and young again.

  • Consistent skincare, stick to daily routine.
  • Schedule follow-ups as needed.
Facelift Benefits

Physical Transformation

Reclaiming Youthfulness

Refining Facial Features

  • When a facelift is performed, it’s like going back in time. By eliminating those irritating fine lines, you end up with a new and younger looking face.
  • Facelifts help to define facial contours hence giving one a sleek and crafted appearance that will attract attention.
  • Everyone likes to be more confident. A facelift rejuvenates your image and boosts your self-worth so that you always feel like the world is at your feet.
  • Restored Facial Symmetry: Asymmetry and imbalance in facial features can be resolved through facelifts, bringing about a more balanced look of harmony.
  • Emotional Well-being

    Confidence from Within

    Freedom from Insecurities

  • Imagine looking at yourself in the mirror and being happy with what you see. That is the magic of a facelift; it does not just lift your skin but also elevates your spirits.
  • A facelift can uplift your mood since you will be content with your appearance.
  • Increased confidence and self-assurance can lead to improved social interactions and stronger personal relationships.
  • Improvements in appearance often lead to increased self-confidence and a more positive self-image.
  • Psychological Benefits

    Confidence Boost

    Mental Well-being

  • It’s like hitting a reset on how you look at yourself and how your entire body looks. It’s starting all over, completely new, ready for anything that comes your way.
  • Farewell self-doubt, hello confidence! You can now be comfortable in your skin and embrace your uniqueness with a facelift.
  • Taking control of how you look is empowering. Getting a facelift is not simply about changing the way that you appear. It is about becoming more assertive in terms of life and feeling like you are empowered enough to live through it.
  • A facelift can improve your self-esteem, leading to an overall sense of well-being.
  • Am I suitable?

    Personal Goals

    Health Assessment

    During your initial consultation with your plastic surgeon, they will ask for your medical history and perform a physical exam. You are a good candidate for a facelift if you are physically healthy, a non-smoker, have realistic expectations, and understand the recovery period. The perfect candidate has sagging soft tissues, deep wrinkles, a double chin, and jowl sagging. If your skin does not sustain flexibility, or if you are considerably obese, a facelift is not recommended. A facelift is not a permanent source for aging and might need more procedures to attain your desired look in the future.

    Facelift risks

    Possible complications

    Risk reduction

    What Are the Potential Risks Involved in Getting a Facelift?

    Before attempting a facelift, patients need to be aware that there are certain risks involved. This includes things like infection, scarring allergic reactions from anesthesia, even nerve damage. To avoid these risks, it is very important that one chooses an excellent plastic surgeon who specializes in this surgical procedure. It could be worth mentioning any allergies during your initial consultation with them. And before the cosmetic surgery, follow every single instruction they give, no smoking, no certain medicines, and eat healthily. Where you get it done matters too. Always go for an accredited facility which has all its safety measures intact.

    Once in recovery mode stick to whatever plan of recovery your surgeon gives you, this means taking care of your facial incisions, avoiding strenuous exercises and attending all appointments scheduled for follow-ups. This should lower the chance of risk while increasing chances of success when done right.

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