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Say Goodbye to Textured Skin

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Harley Street Skin Clinic offers the best Fractora treatment in London that anyone could offer. Our clinic is the best option because of our innovative solutions for your skin needs.

Fractora With Our Practitioners

Our Practitioners

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Cosmetic Practitioners

Our team of expert surgeons handle our patients with good care. They are well-trained and experienced in Fractora. You’re in safe hands!

Our Fractora Treatment Results

Our Results

Happy Client
Skin Renewal

Our patients have experienced soft, smooth skin after Fractora skin treatment. They observed a great improvement in the skin.

What is Fractora?


Experience the power

How does it help the skin problem?

Fractora for skin resurfacing, Radiofrequency is combined with microneedling in one device, the microneedle makes a controlled injury and the radiofrequency releases the heat. The process helps stimulate collagen production to produce lovely results.

Benefits are:

  • Improvement in skin texture
  • Creates healthy and firm skin
  • Reduced fine lines
  • Softened skin
  • Minimised dark spots
  • It makes the pores smaller

Types of Fractora

Light Treatment

Low energy setting and can be done every 2-4 weeks. You can get the results with 6-8 treatments.

Moderate Treatment

High energy setting and can be done every 2-6 weeks. You can get the results with - treatments.

Deep Treatment

It needs only 1-3 treatments that can be done every 6 weeks or up to 6 months after the first treatment.

The Fractora Procedure

What do I need to know?

Fractora at work

Fractora is an excellent cosmetic treatment for all kinds of textures or irregularities of the skin, like active acne, scars, fine lines, discoloured skin tones, or scars from an injury. It can help soften and smooth the skin. We can use the treatment on the face and some areas of the body. Fractora is the best treatment for you if you have a lot of lines and you want to look young.

What does Fractora do?

In the Fractora therapy, collagen synthesis is stimulated and tissue formation is remodelled, with the use of a device that combines radiofrequency energy and microneedles. The rate of cell turnover is accelerated by this method Skin that is smoother, even in tone, and more taut and firmer is the outcome of the therapy. It also helps to get rid of acne by reducing the pore size.

The key steps

What can I expect during the treatment?

Your doctor will start to apply numbing cream to your clean face or body area or inject a local anaesthetic. To make the procedure more comfortable, your doctor may give you a small amount of anti-anxiety medicine. After about 15 minutes of preparation, the doctor will start to press the Fractora handheld device on your face or target area repeatedly. The microneedling will create injury and release the radiofrequency energy as heat. This will help to remodel the tissue and stimulate collagen to get better results.

How long does the process last?

Fractora usually lasts for about 45 minutes, up to 2 hours per session. If your skin needs another session, your doctor will schedule another treatment since it needs to have an interval before doing another one.

Safety and Comfortability

Is it safe?

Fractora is suitable for all skin types, including darker skin tones. The procedure is non-invasive and has a fast recovery period. Hence, it can be very safe to have Fractora treatment especially when performed by a doctor who has experience as well as is licensed.

Is the Fractora treatment painful?

You may be experiencing discomfort during the treatment because the handheld device used in Fractora contains microneedles that create injury on the skin and release heat. The doctor will help manage the pain by giving a topical or injectable anaesthetic. To lessen the pain you are experiencing, you may take a pain medicine that your doctor has prescribed.

Targeted Areas

Which areas can be treated?

Fractora treatments help treat different skin problems. The most commonly treated areas are the face and neck, lower eyelid and upper eyelid, smile lines and cheeks, and even your mouth area, to create a youthful appearance.

How many sessions do I need?

To be able to get the results you want, you may need to have 1 - 6 treatments with Fractora. The results will depend on your skin conditions and requirements. Your doctor will assess how many sessions you may need.

Post-treatment guidelines to follow

Can I wear make-up after my treatment?

You can wear makeup 2-3 days after having a Fractora treatment if you want to cover up some redness or if your work needs it. You just have to moisturise the treated skin and avoid sun exposure.

Can I combine Fractora with other cosmetic treatments?

Fractora can be combined with other energy treatments or injectables. You can combine the treatment the same day with Fractora, or you can have it after a few days. You better ask your doctor for some advice with regards to combining other treatments with Fractora.

Fractora Prices

Factors Affecting Pricing

How much does it cost?

Prices depend on the location. One exception to this is the price in relation to where you live. It isn’t a great surprise that the areas with the highest cost of living are going to be among those charging the most for Ellansé treatment, for example. Some of those areas are Mayfair, Knightsbridge, Chelsea, Kensington, and Notting Hill. Costs can be anywhere between £1,125 to £2,000 (or more) per session, with additional premiums for the total treatment and even other services.

In places where demands are low and the number of competitors is great, Ellansé may give you a good price which includes Shoreditch and Hackney in East London as well as Clapham and Brixton in South London. However, Camden and Islington in North London, costs £999- £1,175 per treatment.

These costs are approximate and may vary depending on the clinic’s popularity or experience they hold. Consult your doctor for a consultation and the exact price of how much it will cost you.

Our Prices

From £360

Fractora Before & Afters

The remarkable difference a Harley Street Skin Clinic treatment can provide

Also known as 'non-surgical skin tightening', Fractora is a treatment designed to manipulate our subdermal tissue. By prompting the skin to produce more of the youthful hormone, Collagen, Fractora helps put back what years of wear and tear has taken away. Whether it is to conceal acne scarring, disguise stretch marks, fend off fine smoker's lines or an ever-increasing '11' between the brow, Fractora could do just the trick...

Fractora After
Fractora Before

After the age of 30, our Collagen levels will drop a further 1-2% every year. This means that by 50, up to 40% of our natural collagen supply has vanished. Fractora treatments will not only reverse the visible depletion of Collagen and signs of ageing, but regular treatment will actually help to fend them off indefinitely.

Fractora After
Fractora Before

Fractora treatments have a drastic impact on the appearance of acne, pigmentation, uneven skin tone, sunspots and thread veins. It is also known for being a miracle remedy for those all-too common complaints such as post-pregnancy tummy, jowls, laugh lines, droopy eye bags, 'bingo wings', 'turkey necks' and 'crow's feet'.

Fractora After
Fractora Before

Whilst traditional Fractora makes use of fine needles to channel thermal energy into the skin, Harley Street Skin also offer an entirely non-invasive alternative known as Fractora Forma. Whilst Fractora Forma acheives similarly impressive results long term, it has the added luxury of offering patients little-to-no recovery time!

Fractora Essentials

Before Fractora

How do you prep your skin?

  • No sunbathing or tanning products 4-6 weeks before your surgery, and avoid too much wind exposure.
  • Do not use skin care products with strong ingredients.
  • Drink lots of water, and do not consume alcohol.
  • Wash your face or treatment areas with antibacterial soap and go to your scheduled treatment without make-up.

After Fractora

How do I take care of the treated part?

  • Your doctor will give you a healing cream or ointment that you need to apply 3-4 times a day and night.
  • Tiny scabs will be present during the recovery; do not pick them up; let them heal naturally.
  • Do not scratch when you feel itchy. Ask your doctor for some medication.

After Fractora

How do I maintain the results?

  • Maintain the results by maintaining healthy skin care habits and proper hydration.
  • Protect your skin from the sun, and always moisturise your skin.
Why have a Fractora


Facial and Body Rejuvenation

How does Fractora help skin problems?

Did you know that some of the big factors that affect our skin are dirt, pollution, stress, hormonal imbalance, as well as aging? It contributes to all the skin problems that we have acquired over the years. Of course, we cannot stop those factors, as they are permanently present in our daily lives. So if you want to combat all the skin issues that make you suffer, Fractora is the best treatment you can have.

It helps by:

  • Reducing fine lines and deeper wrinkles
  • Reducing acne scars
  • Tightening the skin
  • Softening and smoothing the skin
  • Reducing hyperpigmentation

Versatile and Customizable

Fractora treatment can be used to treat skin issues on your face and different parts of your body. The doctor can also customize the treatment based on your requirements and the type of your skin.

Minimal Downtime

Fractora is a nonsurgical procedure and requires little downtime, so you don't need to take longer off from work. Most patients who get a light treatment can return to their work and normal activities after a day or two.

Recovery timeline

Days 1-2

If you get a light Fractora treatment, you can continue your work or normal activities. It is common to experience redness and inflammation.

  • Apply a healing cream or ointment.
  • Avoid direct sun exposure.

Days 5-7

Deeper Fractora settings will require longer days before you can go back to your normal activities.

  • Keep the treated area moisturised.
  • Avoid sun exposure.
Fractora Treatment Benefits

Advantages of Fractora

Skin Rejuvenation

Soft and Smooth Skin

  • It helps the skin become soft and smooth.
  • It will help reduce your fine lines and wrinkles.
  • It will help even your skin tone and minimise your dark spots.
  • It will help reduce your pore size.
  • Having good results

    Flawless Skin

    Reduction of Acne Scars

  • It helps in reducing acne scars.
  • It will help your skin tighten.
  • It will improve the texture of your skin.
  • It will help improve your skin complexion.
  • Want more?

    Safe Procedure

    Minimal Downtime

  • It has minimal downtime.
  • It can be done without surgery.
  • The results can last a long time.
  • Safe for any skin type.
  • Am I suitable

    Can I have Fractora?

    You are suitable for Fractora treatment if you are experiencing common skin problems in your face and body areas, like acne or acne scarring, as well as visible signs of ageing on your face or other parts of your body. It is safe for any skin type and tone.

    What are the Risk

    What are the adverse effects?

    Potential risks of Fractora treatment include:

    • Excessive redness: Too much redness of the skin can occur.
    • Changes in pigmentation: Skin pigmentation changes may happen.
    • Bruising: Bruising can occur in the treated areas.
    • Scarring: Although rare, scarring is a possible side effect.

    Factors to consider

    Speak with your surgeon about the risks and consequences of having a Fractora treatment so you can be aware of what to do once you experience those reactions.

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