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Fractora is a cosmetic treatment using pulses of radiofrequency to tighten and resurface the skin. These pulses can be administered to the skin subdermally using microneedles (Fractora), or using a device which sends thermal energy down into the skin (Fractora Forma).

It is an entirely non-surgical stimulation technique which causes the skin to contract, and produce collagen which leaves the treated area looking firmer, healthier and far more youthful.

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Also known as 'Non-surgical skin tightening', Fractora makes use of thermal energy to manipulate the subdermal tissue into producing more of the youthful hormone, collagen, helping put back what years of wear and tear has taken away. Whether it is to conceal acne scarring, disguise stretch marks, fend off fine smoker's lines or an ever-increasing '11' between the brow, Fractora could do just the trick...

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After the age of 30, our collagen levels will drop a further 1-2% every year. This means that by 50, up to 40% of our natural collagen supply has vanished. Fractora treatments will not only reverse the visible depletion of collagen and signs of ageing, but regular treatment will actually help to fend them off indefinitely.

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Fractora treatments have a drastic impact on the appearance of acne, pigmentation, uneven skin tone, sunspots and thread veins. It is also known for being a miracle remedy for those all-too common complaints such as post-pregnancy tummy, jowls, laugh lines, droopy eye bags, 'bingo wings', 'turkey necks' and 'crow's feet'.

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Whilst traditional Fractora uses fine needles and is minimally invasive, Fractora Forma is completely non-invasive, using only thermal energy. By reaching deep down into the dermis layer, practitioners can access the skin's natural supply of collagen fibres and stimulate the underlying tissue using energy pulses and deep heat.

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Fractora Treatment FAQs

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It's only natural to have questions if you are considering pursuing a treatment for the first time, and at Harley Street Skin, it's important to us that you feel confident and comfortable at every stage of your journey. To help you find the answers you need, here are a few of the more common quibbles that we find our clients frequently ask...

Both Fractora and Fractora Forma call upon the body's autoimmune response - one working from the skin's surface using thermal energy, the other penetrating the dermis and working from below.

Fractora treatments essentially mimic minor injury to the skin, so the body then responds by trying to heal itself. This is either done by making small punctures in the skin using microneedles and driving radiofrequency energy down into the cells or by locally heating the problem area just enough to trick the brain into believing it has been superficially damaged.

Both methods provide a boost to the collagen fibres that are naturally prominent in the peak of youth, and therefore skin appears remarkably more healthy and in the best possible condition.

Fractora treatments work wonders on a multitude of problem areas. Not only can it reduce the appearance of stretch marks, reverse laxity in the stomach, reduce neck sagging; improve sharpness in the jawline and profile; contour the face; and improve the prominence of the cheekbones, it can also improve skin tone and texture, as well as add definition to the arms, legs or buttocks.

Fractora treatments are also fantastically anti-ageing. They replenish (and continue to stimulate) the proteins that our bodies naturally stop producing as we age: Collagen and Elastin. Collagen is a matrix of fibres under the skin which functions in a similar way to supporting walls in a building - pushing back and keeping tension like tent poles. As the skin's supports (i.e. the weakened collagen fibres) age, they no longer have the strength to keep the skin plump, and that is when wrinkles begin to form. Fractora works at reconstructing the weakened 'supporting walls' beneath the skin.

Costs will be dependant on your Fractora method of choice, with Forma available from £300 p/session or £1500 for a course of 6, and traditional Fractora at around £1000 a session. Traditional Fractora, however, will only require one treatment for equally visible results, so although slightly more expensive, many find it to be a worthy investment in time saved against Fractora Forma.


Fractora treatments are permanent. Having said that, skin will inevitably become more lax as we age and additional treatment is recommended to maintain collagen and elastin stimulation over time. Revisiting your practitioner at 3-6 month intervals will be more than enough to keep skin firm, smooth and wrinkle-free for years to come.

The impacts of your Fractora treatment will continue to improve the appearance of your skin over the course of the next few months, but neither Fractora nor Fractora Forma should take longer than 1 hour to complete, per session. Effects of both procedures are almost instant, although Fractora Forma will require a course of up to 6 sessions for optimum results. This is however, not the case with traditional Fractora, being powerful enough to only require one.

Side effects of Fractora Forma are minimal, although may be slightly more notable following traditional Fractora. As Fractora is somewhat more invasive, creating superficial surface wounds so the body is able to heal itself, you may experience moderate redness, swelling, temporary pigment changes and/or pimpling. These however, are all likely to subside within 3-7 days of treatment, although can vary from patient to patient.

Recovery from Fractora Forma is practically nil. Whilst you might immediately appear a little red, within 24 hours, your face will appear visibly more taut and hydrated, with the effects of your Fractora Forma continuing to work away beneath the surface.

You should, however, expect to accommodate around 3-5 days worth of downtime following traditional Fractora. This is because open wounds in the skin, however small, can put the body at risk of infection so a few days at home, and away from any immediate threat - such as foreign bacteria - is recommended. During this time, you may also wish to use a cold compress to curb swelling and redness, and apply ample moisturiser. This will help to promote rapid healing and keep the skin hydrated whilst it recuperates.

This will vary based on an individual's skin sensitivity, although we would advocate taking anywhere between 2-5 days from work following Fractora using microneedles. This will give the superficial wounds that have been made in the skin the chance to begin healing over, forming a protective barrier from any potential infection or bacteria.

Fractora Forma, however, should not require any time away from work, many feeling perfectly capable of returning to work that very same day, if not, the day afterward. There will likely be some lingering redness at this stage, but nothing that cannot be concealed with makeup if you are keen to get straight back to normality.

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