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Harly Street Skin Clinic in London offers our expertise and quality service in medical cosmetics to our dear clients from around the globe. We provide the best treatments, like an IPL.

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We have the best skin doctors in town. Experts in the newest methods and products, offering the safest and most individualised treatments that you can imagine.

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Our IPL treatment is the best among the rest. It will make your skin smoother and better, even after only one session, you can immediately see the results.

What is an IPL?


Experience the power

What skin concerns can be addressed?

Intensed Pulsed Light (IPL), is a safe and fast solution to help you deal with pesky skin and stubborn hair. If you are suffering from age spots, sun damage, excess hair, thread veins, or even stretch marks that you want to get rid of, an IPL skin rejuvenation is the best solution.


  • Remove unwanted hair.
  • Reduce dark spots.
  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Minimise sun damage and age spots.
  • Minimise birthmarks, freckles, and varicose veins.
  • Reduce the appearance of rosacea.

Types of IPL

Standard IPL

This is the regular IPL treatment that addresses a variety of skin issues like pigmentation and UV damage, as well as hair removal.

Fractional IPL

It treats specific parts of the skin using a fractionated light beam that accelerates healing, but it also has a short period of recovery.

(AFT) Advance Fluorescent Technology IPL

This is an advanced kind of IPL. It maximises the wavelength to reduce adverse effects and improve the results.

Dual-mode IPL

This type of treatment uses a combination of two distinct IPLs to provide customised treatments tailored to specific skin problems.

Radiofrequency combined with IPL (RF-IPL)

This technique is a combination of IPL and radiofrequency energy to penetrate skin layers deeply, it stimulates collagen production and improves texture and tightness.

Selective IPL

A tailored IPL procedure that treats skin problems while enhancing the efficacy and safety of the treatment in a precise manner.

The IPL Treatment Procedure

What do I need to know?

IPL at work

Another term for IPL is “Flash-lamp therapy.” This is because it uses high-energy light pulses. The skin cells absorbed these broad wavelength light pulses when applied to the treatment area using a portable device that produces heat. IPL can work to break down melanin and pigment that cause problems like uneven pigmentation, age spots, and discolouration. In addition, it targets and contracts the walls of the spider veins, and destroys the hair follicles, preventing them from recurring, and as a result, leading to smoother skin.

What does IPL do?

Intense Pulsed Light Therapy is one of the popular treatments when it comes to skin rejuvenation. This is because IPL removes impurities like damaged veins and capillaries, evens out the complexion, stimulates collagen production for skin to look younger, and erases years from a worn-out face. Unlike laser treatment which emits only one wavelength of light, IPL treats a wider range of skin problems using multiple wavelengths.

The key steps

What can I expect during the treatment?

Your doctor will clean the treatment area and apply a cooling gel to your face. You will be required to wear dark glasses for eye protection during treatment. After that, your doctor will apply the light pulse using a portable device that produces broad wavelength light. The heat will help the skin to be rejuvenated.

How long does the process last?

It will depend on how big the area is being treated. The procedure will take only 20 to 30 minutes with little to no downtime. IPL is good for individuals who are busy with their lives or schedules.

Safety and Comfortability

Is it safe?

IPL skin rejuvenation therapy does not require operations or the use of needles because it is a non-invasive procedure. It is safe and comfortable in general. However, pregnant or lactating women and individuals with sunburned skin should not have an IPL treatment for safety purposes.

Is it good for sensitive skin?

IPL can provide the best results for light brown or pale skin. Your doctor may begin with a lower setting and increase slowly and may change treatment specifications based on the type of your skin and sensitivity.

Multiple treatments for optimal results

How many IPL treatments do I need?

You can see a noticeable change in just a single IPL treatment, but it is advisable to have 3-5 sessions to get the full results. To maintain optimal results, you may have one treatment once every 6-12 months as maintenance.

How to maintain results after a series of IPL?

To maintain the results of IPL longer, you should apply sunscreen every day. Apply serums with antioxidants or products containing vitamin C or E. Also, keep your skin moisturised. These will help you to have good skin for a longer period of time.

Pre-treatment guidelines to follow

Can I wear makeup?

It is actually safe to wear makeup after getting an IPL treatment to hide the redness and minor effects of the procedure. However, patience is essential. For you to avoid possible irritation or infection, do not apply makeup for at least 24 hours to give your skin time to recover.

When should I contact my doctor after an IPL?

You may need to contact your doctor if you get more blisters or scabs or if you’re in too much pain and swelling. You can also talk to them if you want to have another treatment.

IPL Prices

Factors Affecting Pricing

How much does it cost?

Areas with the highest cost of living tend to have higher prices for treatment. These neighbourhoods include Notting Hill and Chelsea, Kensington and Knightsbridge in addition to Mayfair. Prices may range from £80 to £1,500 per session and even higher for premium packages and additional services.

On the other hand, IPL treatment in those neighbourhoods with lower demands and more competitors may offer a lower price. For some areas, like Shoreditch and Hackney in East London, Clapham and Brixton in South London, Camden and Islington in North London, and Fulham and Hammersmith in West London, prices may range from £60 to £1,000 per session, depending on clinic and package offer.

These are only approximations, to know the exact IPL cost, consult your doctor. Book an appointment here.

Our Prices

From £20

IPL Before & afters
IPL After
IPL Before

IPL is an incredible solution to unwanted hair, offering significant (and permanent!) hair reduction. Forget time-consuming shaving that can only fend off the first sign of regrowth for a matter of hours; IPL offers a solution far superior to even pricey waxing and bleaching. Never again will you need to run the risk of prickly anything!

IPL After
IPL Before

We know that skin imperfections don't always just stem from the follicle though - sometimes it's the skin itself that is in need of attention. IPL can help you here too, wiping out redness; stretch marks, red veins, scarring, age spots as well as many other issues which impact the skin's superficial layer.

IPL After
IPL Before

IPL achieves this through various levels of photo-penetration. Beginning at the epidermis, IPL can reach as far down as the hypodermis to ensure it's equipped to treat problems both on the surface and ones which have arisen from deeper issues. It is this precision targeting which makes IPL a treatment to be reckoned with.

IPL Essentials

Before IPL

How do you prep your skin?

If you are planning to have an IPL treatment, you should follow some steps to protect your skin and enhance your results before your treatment:

  • Always use a moisturiser and protect your skin from sun exposure by using sunscreen.
  • Avoid smoking before your IPL treatment for at least 6 weeks.
  • Stop taking anti-coagulant medications and if you are taking antibiotics, ask your doctor for advice.
  • Stop using retinoids to avoid sensitivity.
  • Drink lots of water before and after your IPL.
  • Make sure that your skin is clean and make-up-free upon arriving at your chosen clinic. This ensures optimal product penetration.

After IPL

How do I take care of the treated part?

The following should be followed after your IPL:

  • Refrain from taking hot showers or baths.
  • No exfoliations for 7 days.
  • Do not pick crust or blisters.
  • Do not engage in heavy activities.
  • Using skincare with harsh ingredients is not recommended.
  • Use sunscreen for protection.

After IPL

What do I need to do after recovering?

To be able to make the results of IPL last longer, you should:

  • Use sunscreen on a regular basis.
  • Apply moisturiser every day.
  • Avoid tanning treatments.
Why have an IPL


Achieving Skin Goals

How does an IPL address skin issues?

Our skin has a lot of issues. We are naturally not perfect as humans, and that is why most of us do not have perfect skin. If you are dreaming of having smoother and brighter skin, an IPL skin rejuvenation treatment can help you achieve it.

It helps by:

  • Removing the pigmented skin
  • Removing the hair follicles
  • Treating the damaged skin cells
  • Making the skin clearer and smoother

Combat Skin Aging

IPL works effectively in treating fine lines and wrinkles. It also targets those maturing skins that are more noticeable as we get older. It also stimulates collagen and elastin production to help improve the elasticity and firmness of the skin and make it look younger.

Versatile and Non-invasive

IPL treats multiple skin concerns at once without doing surgery, as it is a non-invasive treatment. Your surgeon can treat different concerns you may have like unwanted hair, uneven tone, photodamaged skin, rosacea, and vascular lesions, as well as any other skin problems, in a single session.

Recovery timeline

Right after IPL

Redness and swelling with a feeling of mild sunburn may be experienced for several hours to a day. Your skin will become sensitive as well.

  • Use a cold compress
  • Hot baths and saunas, as well as intense activities, should be avoided

Days 1-3

Redness and swelling may go away. The treated part may look darker.

  • Maintain the treated area clean and moisturised
  • Do not scrape the darker area

Days 3-7

The treated area will now begin to peel and flake off.

  • Do not pick the peeling and flaking skin
  • Use gentle skincare products

Weeks 1-2

Some patients may fully recover by this time.

  • Wear sunscreen every day
  • Maintain a gentle skincare regimen

Weeks 2-4

You may now schedule a follow-up check-up to check your skin conditions.

  • Continue your skincare routine
  • Another IPL session may be needed
IPL Treatment Benefits

Advantages of IPL Treatment

Skin Improvements

Diminishment of Pigmentation

  • IPL can successfully eliminate skin problems like hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone melasma, age spots, and sun spots because it targets the skin’s melanin.
  • Reduction of Acne: It helps fight the bacteria that cause acne and reduce inflammation.
  • Minimise pores: IPL can help the large pores shrink making the skin smoother.
  • Treatment for Spider Veins: It helps minimise the appearance of vascular veins and damaged capillaries by effectively targeting and collapsing the blood vessels.
  • Having good results

    Smoother Skin

    Even Tone

  • It helps break down extra melanin to create an even skin tone.
  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles: It helps lessen wrinkles and fine lines by promoting the production of collagen.
  • Hair Removal: It targets your hair follicles and prevents them from growing in the future.
  • Texture enhancement: It will make your skin soft and smooth.
  • Want more?

    No Downtime

    Minimal Downtime

  • You can immediately return to work and daily activities because IPL has a little downtime.
  • Non-invasive: The IPL does not need operations to treat the patients.
  • Adaptability: It can treat different skin problems in one treatment.
  • Effective Results: IPL provides noticeable development in just a few sessions.
  • Am I suitable

    Is an IPL good for me?

    An IPL skin rejuvenation therapy is suitable for any individual except for pregnant women and those with skin conditions. If you have sunburned skin or darker skin tones, thick scars or keloids, and if you are taking anticoagulant medicines, IPL is not for you.

    Remember to consult your skincare professional to determine if IPL is the right treatment for you.

    What are the Risk

    Can a risk be prevented?

    Potential risks of IPL skin rejuvenation treatments include:

    • Redness and swelling: These side effects may occur on the treated area within two to four days.
    • Bruising: Bruising can persist for up to 2 weeks.
    • Blistering or crusting: Although rare, these side effects may occur.
    • Darkening or lightening of the skin: Some patients may experience changes in skin pigmentation on the treated part.

    It is best to consult with your doctor so they can discuss with you all the possible risks and provide a pre- and post-treatment plan to help minimise the risks.

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